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Heroes of the Storm: Kerrigan Talent Build Guide


Kerrigan is a melee assassin that uses a tough combination of Primal Grasp and Impaling Blades to stun and damage groups of enemies. She can do very high explosive damage to her target, though she herself is very vulnerable to attack due to her low health and lack of defense. One of his strongest strengths is her ability to roam the map looking for ganks, as just one or two successful picks will give her team a substantial amount of experience, possibly. Snowball several times to get easy wins.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kerrigan



  • Strong initiation by means of Ravage
  • Excellent explosion damage and crowd control
  • Outstanding in ganking opponents from the start
  • Considered tanky due to his Assimilation and Assimilation related talents


  • Incredibly vulnerable to crowd-control
  • Very reliant on ability cooldowns
  • Low sustained damage
  • High skill cap/learning curve
  • No means of escape (without Psionic Shift)
  • Muscle waves are reliant on core Basic Skills use

Talent Build

Ravage Build

Ravage Build is great if you can stack Sharpened Blades. While the Siphoning Impact allows Kerrigan to stack up a rather large Assimilation shield very quickly with the Ravage bonuses, Fury of the Swarm’s splash damage component will allow for a viable waveclear when he finds herself in one, especially in the early game. Fury of the Swarm also works very well with Volatile Power in providing him with the necessary shields through the Assimilation.

Both Hero Skills are good and should be chosen based on personal preference. While the Ultralisk Summon will be a good or up-to-date setup for your combiner, Maelstrom deals additional AoE damage and sustains through Assimilation. Chrysalis is a good choice for resisting bursts and crowd control, while Versatile Powers allow you to stay better in fights.

Combo Build

Fury of the Swarm (lv1), Kinetic Fulmination (lv4), Boundless Fury (lv7), Maelstrom (lv10) – Summon Ultralisk, Volatile Power (lv13) – Chrysalis, Painful Spikes (lv16), Psionic Shift (lv20)

Combo Build supports Talent options that give Kerrigan as much utility as possible, while also having good explosive damage in teamfights.

This build is good if your gameplay revolves around watching Tank skirmishes or if the opposing team has multiple ways to punish you for diving.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Kerrigan works best with allies that can prevent her from being killed immediately by an enemy after attacking her target with Ravage. Additionally, the Heroes can track her Primal Grasp / Impaling Blades combo with additional crowd control and constant damage always as a bonus.

Countered by:

He is resisted by Heroes capable of stopping her focused target from being killed instantly, which often leaves her vulnerable and without means of escaping deep in the enemy’s backlines. She will also struggle with teams that have lots of strong sources of crowd control that will lock her in once she starts.

Maps of Kerrigan


He is best suited for smaller Battlegrounds, mainly revolving around teamfights, as that’s where she stands out the most. The dense map with paths behind the opposing team will easily allow him to beat the opponent. Kerrigan should avoid larger maps where teamfights are rare, and the ability to split push is a much more valuable asset to the team.