April 23, 2021


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Khaleed Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Khaleed the Desert Soldier is a Fighter Hero in Mobile Legends. Let’s learn the skills, battle spells, Emblems, how to build up items of Khaleed in the latest season.

Bio of Khaleed


The arid wilderness of Agelta once existed in an ancient tribe. They established villages along the Green Road and passed on to the next generation of their civilization and heritage.

Khaleed, son of the head of the Artha Tribe, is infatuated with adventures. For a long time, he longed to discover the once brilliant culture on the Road of the Green Treasure, dreamed of being able to go through the vast Agelta Wildlands and witness the prosperity of this land. From a young age, he went on an adventure on this Green Road with his guardians.

During this adventure, he met Moskov, the son of the chief of the Desert Tribe. Two brave young men, sharing a passion for exploration, quickly became friends and formed a solid friendship. The couple then went together to explore all the Agelta Wildlands.

However, his adventure and Moskov did not last long. Soon after, a disaster struck the tribes. The ferocious Tribe of Thorns has initiated battles to conquer the entire Wild Land of Agelta, just like the Tyrant Khufra did before. He and Moskov stood up to lead the people of the tribe against these ruthless invaders.

In this war, Khaleed not only has good leadership but also has a hidden attraction to those around him. All tribes recognized and followed his lead. As time passed, ambitious people like Moskov gradually lost attention, resentment grew in his heart. However, he has not yet noticed the change in his companion’s feelings.

The Coalition of Tribes, led by him and Moskov, repelled the opponent. At the instant of the thought that the posture was under control, an incident happened. In an attempt to reverse the tide, the Withdrawing Wolf Tribe entered the Ancient City of Tihuacan and broke the seal of Khufra’s captivity.

Skills of Khaleed

Passive: Sand Walk

Khaleed stores the Power of the Desert while on the move. When the Desert Power is fully charged, he will slide across the sand, speeding up his run. At the same time, he can dash to the target with his next basic attack.

Skill 1: Desert Tornado

He spins his blade, dealing damage to nearby targets. If he hits the target, he can dash in the target direction once and use the ability again. He can cast up to 3 times.

Skill 2: Quicksand Guard

He defends himself with the power of quicksand, restoring HP and reducing damage taken for 4 seconds. At the same time, nearby targets also have their speed reduced.

Skill 3: Raging Sanfstorm

Khaleed summons a sandstorm, which is immune to the crowd control effect for the duration, damaging targets along the way and continually pushing them away. Upon reaching a target location, he damages targets within range and stuns them for 1 second.

Battle spells and Emblems


Battle spell:

Purify – Sprint


Fighter Emblem: Bravery – Invasion – Festival of Blood

How to build

  • Magic Shoes + Bloodlust Axe + Oracle + Blade of Despair + Queen’s Wings + Rose Gold Meteor
  • Warrior Boots + Blade of the Heptaseas + Bloodlust Axe + Oracle + Blade of Despair + Queen’s Wings
  • Raptor Machete + Warrior Boots + Bloodlust Axe + Oracle + Blade of Despair + Queen’s Wings