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Heroes of the Storm: Kharazim Talent Build Guide


Kharazim is a hybrid character suitable for the role of a melee Assassin and a healer. He combines deadly basic attacks with great mobility to deal damage to enemies or aid allies. There are hardly any other heroes in the game comparable to his dynamic gameplay. However, it is important to mention that he requires strong mechanics and a lot of experience to bring into play his true potential, which is why we consider him one of the most difficult Heroes Proficiency.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kharazim



  • Great utility
  • Very mobile
  • 2 viable Heroic Abilities
  • Great chase potential
  • Can be played as a Healer or a melee Assassin
  • High damage against single targets
  • There is one of the best cleaning methods in the game
  • Good against Heroes based on Basic Attacks, played by the Earth Ally


  • Weak against blinds
  • No crowd control
  • Fairly high learning curve
  • The healing power depends very much on Talent
  • Both Hero Abilities require experience to be used properly

Talent Build

Radiant Dash Build

Radiant Dash Build is based on both outstanding portability and good gameplay. While talents like Cleansing Touch or Way of the Hundred Fists are difficult to use correctly, they will be good in every game when used properly. At level 13, Quicksilver is the default Talent, but it’s important to carefully analyze the enemy team’s main sources of damage. If they have powerful Basic Attackers and crowd control effects, Sixth Sense gains a lot of value. However, if the majority of their damage came from Skill, the Shield of the Mantra could be a worthy substitute.

Way of the Hundred Fists will be a good Talent in every match. However, if you are already familiar with Kharazim, we recommend Cleansing Touch. This is the best eraser in the whole game, as it can be used multiple times by multiple allies. Even if the enemy team has no stun or root, it can be very helpful along with Quicksilver, as you will be able to use it in your tank to enhance interaction with him. For example, an unstoppable Garrosh with a 30% movement speed is dangerous.

Epiphany could be a good choice at Level 20, it allows him to instantly restore Mana and double accumulate his Radiant Dash at the same time. However, the other Talents at this level are also very suitable. We would like to emphasize that using the Radiant Dash Build even as a solo Healer on your team is fully doable due to the fact that you still have the power to heal while providing some surprising damage.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Kharazim thrives if combined with the frontline to benefit from Movement Speed buffs. Heroes that can easily replace enemy Hero are also a great choice for him – as Seven Faces Strike can be used to kill a target – like Garrosh or ETC. Heroes focused on diving enemies can be good for him, as they can easily kill any backliner together. However, if the team composition has too much backing, Kharazim will often struggle to keep them all alive and should not be considered an option.

Countered by:

His attack speed plays a key role in both of his plays. So Heroes like Johanna or Auriel that can blind him or push him away in Deadly Reach can drastically decrease his effectiveness. Furthermore, the Heroes that can easily remove their teammates from him are also difficult to deal with, like Uther or Medivh.