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Killer Instinct: Aganos Profile And Move List


Aganos is an ancient warrior originating from the Mycenaean Greek. A new character introduced in Killer Instinct (2013), he is the sixth character added in Season Two and the fifteenth character of the reboot in general.

Aganos Bio


As a golem, the original he was constructed entirely of copper, with a rusty-green appearance. However, after many years of existence, its parts have been replaced by stones, bushes, and vines, such as its face (s), hands, and feet. In official art, his right hand and left leg have been replaced with stones, but in the game, its pose is reflected and either limb can be made of stone. It has a hunchback figure and large hands and feet relative to its remaining proportions.

He is a huge character, and due to its enormous height and weight, it has incredible power. In addition to the hard bronze armor, Aganos also attached many stones to the body. It can store rocks in a chest to increase defense and weight for itself or use stones as bullets. It can also transform stones into various shapes, whether it’s massive walls for trapping his enemies or the giant clubs known as Peace.

Aganos Gameplay

Combo Trait – Wall Crash: He can put walls behind him using No Escape or Traps. Using Ruin, Shadow Ruin, or Dominate, he can send his opponents flying backward and smash them through up to four of these walls, each dealing a substantial amount of damage on hit. right.

Instinct Mode – Peace Time: Aganos has been given a peacemaker club that will be restored during the time of Instinct Mode. This Peacemaker does not require creating a wall in advance.

Command Attacks

No Escape – (LP + MP + HP) – He hits the ground, causing an impenetrable wall to grow behind the opponent. Consume a piece. Up to four walls can be displayed on stage at a time. The wall can be broken by three hits or three blows.

Trapped – (Back-LP + MP + HP) – He smashed the ground, causing an impenetrable wall to sprout behind him. Consume a piece. Up to four walls can be displayed on stage at a time. The wall can be broken by three hits or three blows.

Peacemaker – (Back-LP + MP + HP, near a wall) – He erects a wall nearby and begins using it as a club called Peacemaker. The peacemakers were broken after three hits or only after one hit when thrown using Relinquish.

Fortify Chunk – (Back + HP) – He took a piece of dirt from the stage and stored it in a chest for later use. He can store up to four blocks in his chest, and each block makes his movements heavier and slower. Chunks act as an armor and will be broken on hit, but allow Aganos to increase his strength through certain attacks and continue his onslaught.

War Path – (Forward + HK) – He stomped the ground with one foot. Make it difficult to knockdown.

  • Pressure – (HK again, after War Path) – If HK is attacked again after War Path, he will take the second step, then the third, and theoretically can continue to stomp foot in place forever. It’s risky without the armor.

Throw – (Forward or back + LP + LK) – He grabs the opponent’s head and smashes them to the ground.

Special Moves


Payload Assault – (QCF + P) – He unleashes a block of rock from inside his chest. The light punch rolls the stone across the ground, the Medium Punch causes it to fly in an arc forward, and the Heavy Punch has him punch the rock in mid-air, dividing it into smaller pieces like a gunshot. short. Consume a piece. Acts as an ender can recover up to four parts depending on the ender level.

Ruin – (QCB + K) – He turns around before releasing a powerful punch, sending the opponent flying backward. The power of the kick controls damage and range. Can cause Wall Bang combo Trace on opponents. Act like a testimonial.

Pulverize – (QCB + P) – Aganos spun his upper body like a helicopter, punching three times. The power of the punch controls damage and speed. Acts as opener, linker, and terminator.

Natural disasters – (QCF + K) – he tumbled into a ball and rolled forward. The power of the kick controls damage and range. Holding on to the attack will cause Aganos to do a short jump, which is ideal for kicks up. On his block bounced and easily punished. Acts as opener, linker, and terminator.