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Killer Instinct: Arbiter Profile And Move List


A Sangheili simply referred to as “The Arbiter” is an alien warrior who looks similar to those in the Covenant empire and is a guest character in the Halo series that appeared in Killer Instinct Season 3. The appearance of him was teased at the 2016 Killer Instinct World Cup.

Arbiter Appearance


He is a member of the alien race Sangheili, somewhat reptilian-like creatures, that surpassed humans with great height and armored skin. As a Sangheili, he possesses scaly, dark brown skin, penetrating yellow eyes, four upper jaw-like lips around his mouth, two fingers and two thumbs on each hand (similar to strain clan of Glacius), feet and feet are digitized.

He is armed with a custom brown, gray, and gold battle armor called the Kaidon armor with an ornate helmet and a sleeveless arm and often wields a Sword of the Power Custom amounts are known as “Prophet’s Bane”, Type-51 Carbine, and a set of Plasma Grenades – traditional weapons for Covenant Referees, though the Prophet’s Bane is unique to the most recent Arbiter, Thel ‘Vadam.

Arbiter Gameplay

  • Combo Trait – Combat Evolved: After performing a throw or any ult, he can track by sticking a Plasma Grenade on an opponent or firing his Type-51 Carbine to deal extra damage and prolong the combo. a little.
  • Instinct Mode – Judge and Executioner: He summons an energy shield that expands his health meter slightly and features unlimited armor to resist bullets. The shield will fully recharge when it is broken after not attacking for a while. Additionally, Arbiter can Parry (HP + HK) similar to the Street Fighter 3 series, blocking all damage and ignoring an oncoming attack entirely. The parties can also be held mid-air.

Command Attacks

  • Step-Kick – (Forward + MK) – The referee fires a large straight kick. Can cause wall splashes.
  • Type-51 Carbine – (HK) – Referee shoots three consecutive shots from his Type-51 Carbine, which the player calls “Covenant Carbine”. Carbine contains eighteen bullets; When the ammo was exhausted, he instead launched a melee attack. Can be done mid-air. Ammo cannot regenerate, so once the eighteen rounds have been used, the move will no longer be available. Pressing (Forward + HK) will cause him to perform a melee strike, even when ammo is available. The default command for Carbine is the same as the default command for firing in Halo 5: Guardians (RT).
  • Plasma Grenades – (LP + MP + HP) – Arbiter throws a sticky Plasma Grenade. Detonation after three seconds, can harm both enemy and him and causes stagger. Holding Forward will make the bow larger, holding Back will make the bow smaller. Can be done mid-air. Holding down will cause him to instantly detonate a grenade at close range, causing a powerful knockout for both him and his opponent. Up to three grenades can be kept at once, and they automatically regenerate over time after use. The default command for all three attacks is the same as the Grenade command in Halo 5: Guardians (LB).
  • Throw – (Forward or back + LP + LK) – The referee grabs the opponent and then slashes them twice. Acts as a launcher.

Special Moves

  • Mercy’s Demise – (QCF + P) – He rushes forward and takes a hit on with his Energy Sword. The strength of the button determines the distance traveled. Acts as a Knockdown Ender. Animation based on the Energy Sword Lunge attack from the Halo series.
  • Truth Seeker – (QCB + P) – He spins around with a single slash of the Energy Sword overhead. Hits on the head, the strength of the button determines the speed of attack. Works as the Creator of the ground return order.
  • Prophet’s Bane – (QCB + K) – Arbiter activates his concealment device and appears elsewhere, piercing the opponent’s chest and throwing them away. The strength