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Killer Instinct: ARIA Profile And Move List


ARIA, short for “Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture”, is a new character introduced in Part Two of Killer Instinct (2013). Artificial intelligence created by Ultratech’s founder, Ryat Adams, she is designed to direct the evolution of mankind and ensure its long-term survival. AI has since taken full control of Ultratech as its CEO, and mysteriously changes between a villain and human heroes and a shield for the evil force Gargos.

ARIA Appearance


Her later official appearance was very different. Her default appearance when not using her “drone” attachment is pretty straightforward: she retains a feminine figure, has a slim waist, wide hips and shoulders, and a standing figure. high. Her entire body is made of pale yellow and gray metal, with small gaps where cyan light shines. Stretching from the back of her head are dreadlock-like metal strips, and she has large, serrated hands.

She has clawed-heeled hands and feet, and regal fabric columns that reach mid-calf. Inside her knee is a handgun, and on her calf is a grenade launcher. She comes in three different forms: each is an extension of a “drone” that she can upload her intelligence to: “augmented drones”, “drones. blade pilots “and” bronze drones “.

ARIA Abilities

Her entire robot frame consists of three different drone attachments: the “booster” drone, “blade” and “bass”.

Move list


ARIA transfers her active body to one of her available drones. Cannot be attacked during transformation. Requires an operational drone.

Operatic Destruction

She can do these target combos that end with a stationary HK. The HK stand, whether performed alone or in a target combo, can optionally hold to drop more bombs and can be canceled while on hold.

Shotgun Blitz

She jumped forward, leading with knees. When hit or blocked, she fired from her knee cannon and bounced away. The strength of the button determines the travel distance and safety on the block. Inaccessibility to low attacks. Shadow Shotgun Blitz slides along the ground to perform an extraordinary 5-shot attack that deals high damage and invulnerability to the projectile.

Explosive Arc


She lifted their feet high, leaving a grenade trail that quickly exploded. Can’t be hit high. The strength of the button determines the start speed and the safety on the block. Shadow Explosive Arc takes 5 hits very quickly.


She flew in an intended direction, leaving a green hexagon trail behind her. The strength of the button determines whether the attack moves horizontally, diagonally, or vertically; The heavy-grounded crescendo is completely impregnable. This attack can also be performed in the air. Shadow Crescendo moves horizontally and is hit by an armored attack. The ARIA must be in Booster’s body.


ARIA performs an attack with its blade. The strength of the button determines the behavior; the light version is a fast-paced and completely impregnable attack, the mid-sized version performs a three-shot run down the ground with an advantage on the block, and the heavy version is an attack public three times launched. Shadow Allegro is an impregnable quick 5-hit hit. She must be in Blade body.