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Killer Instinct: Cinder Profile And Move List


Cinder (born Ben Ferris) is a playable character in Killer Instinct (1994) and Killer Instinct (2013). As a man whose body consists of super-hot plasma and live flames, Ben Ferris is an occupational criminal whose citizenship has been revoked and tested by Ultratech, which inadvertently leads to his fiery state. . In 2013 KI, he was a former special force special operative who volunteered to transplant his DNA with alien genetics as part of Ultratech’s Cinder Project, becoming lieutenant and enforcer. of the CEO of the super company, ARIA.

Cinder Appearance


In the original Killer Instinct, his design was very simple. His body, due to an experimental accident, was permanently on fire. His skin has been transformed into an orange, plasma-like substance that resembles a halo or the surface of the sun. The skin can fluctuate in temperature on its own, but if it’s pure plasma, then he will instantly melt through whatever he touches.

Because of the high temperature, he has no hair on its body. He has a rather muscular body and is a bit above average height, and he has a prominent jawline. His ears were gone, with no nose and mouth left, but could still speak and make sounds. His foot is like a boot. His eyes are solid red spheres with no pupils or irises.


Unique feature – Activate!: Cinder has a status of “Activate”, which enhances the next special attack he uses with additional properties and is used automatically when performing an action special cooperation. He automatically reaches “Activate” status about 8 seconds (4 timer units) after it is used, no matter what’s going on. When Fired Up is ready to use, his body becomes brighter and hotter, and the flames of his head/shoulders burn more intensely.

Combo Trait – Burnout Enders: Several his enders, known as “Burnout Enders”, burn the opponent’s upper (punch) or lower (kick) body, dealing potential damage to the sore character in one. Time limit, based on the last level. Depending on which part of them is on fire, using the respective attack will ignite their flames and increase the Burnout’s duration (ex: punching when their upper is on fire, kicking while the lower part theirs are on fire).

Command Moves

Pyrobombs – (LP + MP + HP) – He snaps his finger, detonating all Pyrobombs in play. It can be done mid-air. Explosion size is based on Pyrobomb type (Normal, Shoot Up, or Dark). The explosions can be intercepted, even when they are attached to the opponent. Multiple bombs attached to an opponent will chain reaction with each other and release the enemy (if not intercepted).

Third Level – (Chain LP, MP, HP in any order) – Cinder chain combo allows him to chain LPx3, or MPx3, or HPx3. You can mix and match these moves in any order up to three hits. Each combo’s final attack has properties based on which button you used. The light punch ends with a cup kick with a frame advantage, Average ends with a forward spinning blow, and Heavy ends with a launch that can cancel the jump.

Crossfire- (Down + HK, aerial only) – He performs “Reverse Fire Flash”, slamming his foot down in a stomp of his heels above his head. It is possible to cancel this from normal aerial, but it is not an overhead attack.

Cinder Special Moves


Pyrobomb – (Back-Forward + P) – Cinder throws a plasma bomb in different arcs at the opponent. The light punch is the low/longbow, the Medium is the mid/mid bow, the Heavy is the high/short bow. It can be done mid-air. Pyrobombs are harmless, but sticky and will stick to opponents if they connect, even when blocked. Up to three Pyrobombs can appear on the screen at a time.

  • Fire Flash – (Down-Up + K) – He jumped into the air, kicking his enemy to the ground with a messy attack. The light kick is an impregnable reverse attack, while the Medium and Heavy kick has improved range. The Fired Up version shoots a column of lava from the ground juggling the opponent’s second attack.
  • Trailblazer- (Back-Forward + K) – He turns his body into a spinning ball of fire, rushing forward. Light travels diagonally up, Medium goes straight horizontally, and Heavy goes diagonal down. It can be done mid-air. After it is done once, holding in any direction and hitting any kick will create the second Trailblazer in that direction (going 8 directions). The Fired Up version allows you to perform the third Trailblazer.
  • Inferno – (QCB + K) – Cinder unleashes a chemical flare like a flamethrower from his hand. The power of the kick controls the duration, range and Potential Damage inflicted on the block. The Fired Up version has even more scope. Works like a Burnout Ender kick.
  • Fission – (QCB + P) – He smashes two Pyrobombs together, causing them to explode. The light punch version is a non-exploding rogue version, and the Heavy version has a longer warm-up time with a big hit and block advantage. The Fired-Up version has a larger blast radius. Act like Burnout Ender punch.