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Killer Instinct: Eagle guide – Profile And Moveset


Eagle is a character mentioned in Killer Instinct (1994) who made his first playable appearance in the post-Game father of Killer Instinct (2013). He’s the brother of Thunder / hinmatoom (or his brother in the comics) and like him, is a traditional Native American warrior with roots in the Nez PercĂ© tribe in Idaho. He was kidnapped by the Ultratech and used as a base for their cyborg soldier Fulgore (Fulgore Mk. III in the restarted universe) until he was rescued from an outsider confinement planet Glacius.

Eagle Moveset


Arrow Attacks

He can shoot arrows from his bow at a variety of angles, from the ground or in the air. With no direction left, Eagle shot into the air. Hold down to shoot the arrow to the ground. Hold down to shoot the up arrow in an arc before falling at head height.

Bird Commands

He can order its bird to perform an action any time it is on the ground and not stunned, stunned, or knocked down. The bird can grab up to 4 arrows lying on the ground and return them to him (Get Arrow, neutral + 3K).


He turns forward with this double hit of the target. Beneficial if blocked.


He swings the whip at an upward angle to hit the opponent from the air.

Scatter Shot

He fires multiple arrows in a pattern that extends from his bow in a straight line across the screen.

Rain Shot

Eagle fires multiple arrows out of the top of the screen, which comes down slightly staggered and radiates in a fixed position a while later.

Ankle Breaker

He slid along the front barefoot. The strength of the button determines safety and travel distance; Light travels the shortest distance but also the least negative on the mass.


The Eagle jumped into the sky. The strength of the button determines how far he will jump, the light is almost vertical and the heavy is very far forward. He will land without attacking, just like a regular jump, unless you press any other buttons.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.

Eagle Strengths

He is a character with remarkable strength. He is one of the game’s best plunge characters, using his bird-complementing technique to keep his opponent stunned while attacking with his head, low and diagonal from any angle. He is also a powerful zoner where he can use his single Arrow resource to hold an opponent while constantly on the move. If you can’t catch Eagle, or it catches you first, you’ll run into some trouble.



He is also a character with a distinct weakness. He is arguably the worst defense in the game, has no reversal attack and anti-air moves are relatively slow and poor. He also has an instinctive mode that doesn’t allow damaging chats or strong hits, meaning he can struggle to turn things around. If you can challenge him from the air, or you can take him down, you can win the round before he harnesses any of his strengths.