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Killer Instinct: Eyedol guide – Profile And Moveset


Eyedol is a frightening bipedal monstrosity and the main antagonist of the Killer Instinct series since he became the original final boss of the series in Killer Instinct (1994). One of the two demon lords that have been banished from Earth in the ancient past, the other being Gargos, in Killer Instinct (2013) he is a metamorphic champion who was killed by Gargos, who his enemy, and who is then stupidly revived by the witch Kan -Ra.

Eyedol Moveset


Wake Up!

He punches himself in the face, dealing a bit of damage to himself. Significantly increases the odds of a tee shot.

Head Bash

He produces a swing down from extremely long distances. This attack attacks from above, retakes the opponent in the air, and is at a disadvantage when blocking, but is not punished with basic attacks.


He ran forward while swinging the bat three times. Can special cancel and Eyedol even has the advantage if the movement is blocked

Crushing Roar

He grabbed his opponent and roared at them. The attacks do low damage but leave him a bit of an edge. This attack creates a Rage Charge for the Mage’s head if it hits.

Crushing Destroyer

He violently swung the bat twice. Button durability determines the damage and safety on the block While all versions are safe, the lightweight version has a slight disadvantage, while the heavy version has a bit more benefit in terms of the block. Shadow Crushing Destroyer attacks five times.

Crushing Swing

He jumped off the ground swinging his club in an arc above his head. The strength of the button determines the behavior; the lightweight version is completely impregnable, the medium version is upper body impenetrable and exerts a high effect on juggling combos, and the heavy version captures opponents.

Crushing Shoulder

Eyedol lunged forward with his shoulder. The strength of the button determines the distance and safety on the block; the light version has short distances, but only a little disadvantage, while the heavy version goes a long way but is not safe if blocked. Shadow Crushing Shoulder is invulnerable.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.

Eyedol Strengths

He is built for both special slopes and special partitions. When his head is teaming up, a plan can easily develop a plan to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses and because he is strong in both genres, he can often pick and choose how he wants to approach one. match. He also has one of the best instincts in the game, where he becomes completely overwhelming from anywhere on the screen and takes high damage to match.



His most obvious weakness is the fact that he randomly switches between dive forms and zoning. This means it’s not uncommon that Eyedol has worked hard to get the position he likes, only to switch form immediately and now in a worse position. Although he does not get high and dry when a mismatch occurs, the player will have to be comfortable with continually adapting to random switches. He also has lower than average combo damage when not in instinct.