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Killer Instinct: Fulgore guide – Profile And Moveset


Fulgore is an extremely advanced heavy attack cyborg and was the world’s first man-made soldier, created by Ultratech. One of the most iconic characters of the Killer Instinct series, he made his first appearance in the video game Killer Instinct (1994) as a playable character as well as a boss. penultimate against Eyedol, and still playable in all of the Instinct Assassin games ever since. He represents a character “Shotokan”; use zoning and melee combat in a way that’s easy to use, but hard to master.

Fulgore moveset


Gravity Strike

He punches straight down with her blade. This attack hits the head.

Axis Slash

He turned forward while hitting twice with the blade open. Beneficial if blocked.

Blade Dash

He rushes forward with his blades aimed at the opponent’s body. The button’s strength determines the distance.

Energy Bolt

He fired a bullet from his hand. The strength of the button determines the speed. Hitting the punch up to two more times will fire additional ammo for a cost of 1 pip Reactor each time. Shadow Energy Bolt shoots a five-shot bullet.

Eye Laser

He shot out a laser beam from her visor. Light fires a low-range laser to the ground in front of Fulgore, a little negative when blocking and brings opponents closer, on average a two-hit laser has a negative strike on the block but pushes the opponent away and away heavy laser beam was fired slowly, full-screen chest-high causing the staggering phenomenon.


He disappeared and appeared in a new place. Unlike other shifts, the strength of the button determines the absolute position on the screen; The light moves to the left, the medium moves to the center, and the heavy moves to the right.

Plasma Slice

He does a haircut overhead. The strength of the node determines the number of hits.

Devastation Beam

He shoots a large laser beam from his chest, which is highly lethal and leaves a lot of white lives when hit or blocked.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.


End the match in style in the first few hits of your Ultra Combo. Must be on your health bar first.

Fulgore Strengths

When fully loaded, Fulgore can do anything. He is an extremely powerful zoner and is extremely proficient at plunging, and can switch between the two at will, making him a blast to play and well suited to any player regardless of their style.

He is able to attack characters who struggle with plunging and localizing characters with poor mobility, making it difficult for him to counterattack. His unique watch builder allows him to do things that no other character in the game can do at a fairly low cost. He is capable of damaging a character with his versatility, a giant red laser beam that instantly hits the full screen, and a stylish ponytail.



The strength bestowed on his single gauge is also his greatest weakness; when he is meters starved, he can get stuck. Because the ball counter is so important to prevent irregular block chains in KI, Fulgore must make a very considerate choice to save enough meters for a ball, which often leaves him ineffective in the neutrality for a long time.

If he chooses to spend money here and there, it would greatly impair his ability to get rid of highly offensive characters if they get past his zapping. If you can force Fulgore to spend poorly, you can beat him. He’s also a pretty mind-blowing character to play; can do anything just as useful as the player’s ability to keep up the battle.