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Killer Instinct: Gargos guide – Profile And Moveset


Gargos is a demonic demigod, along with Eyedol, who has been one of the main antagonists of the Killer Instinct series since his appearance as the final boss of the 1996 video game Killer Instinct 2. Although he does not appear in all KI. His title, name, or influence is always mentioned and he has a close relationship with Jago.

Gargos Moveset


Quadruple Jump

He can jump up to four times in the air, in any direction.


He swooped toward his opponent. The button strength determines the angle; the light body moves horizontally, the medium vehicle moves at a diagonal angle (upward on the ground with the upper body undamaged, down in the air) and the weight moves completely vertically.


He creates a portal directly near his opponent and punches him through it.

Summon Minion

He opens a portal and summons a henchman to help him fight. Summons Izzik, a skinny henchman with a pitchfork, by performing the default movement.

Minion Commands

He orders all of his active minions, changing their behavior.

Devil’s Divide

He grabs and strangles the opponent, allowing for some additional action. The node strength determines the grab behavior; lightweight is short-range, midsize means that the Gargos have to step forward a little before grasping it, and the heavy is anti-aircraft.

Devil’s Divide Finishers

He has four options for completing Devil’s Split, each offering different advantages. Click to perform Sadistic Drop, a high-damage full-duplex finishing blow through a portal.

Devil’s Divide + Minion

He can use his Devil’s Split command to pick up a henchman instead of his opponent. Press any P or K to defeat your minions and instantly increase their Kill Attack power.


The Gargos exploded the instinctive skin on his body. The eruption ended his instinctive mode activation, but he kept the remaining half of his instinctive clock.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.

Gargos Strengths


He has strengths in many areas. He is an effective zoner, using Oblivion to stop the opponent. He has good aerial mobility despite his size due to a fourfold jump and strong aerial stats. He can grapple with opponents using Demonic Dividing to exert some powerful close-range pressure.

But most importantly, he can control overwhelming space when summoning his minions, which creates havoc on-screen and forces his opponent to fight multiple targets at once. When Gargos is played effectively, you will be able to take down your opponents and not make them regret.


While Gargos is very effective at controlling the game, he has the worst defense in the game. His immense size means he is often a huge target in pressure and while he is in the air, and he has no viable reversibility except instinctive activation, yes meaning he relies on his minions to mess with opponents and interrupts their pressure and combos. If you can break through and take him out while he has no troops active, he will be in big trouble.