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Killer Instinct: General RAAM guide – Profile And Moveset


General RAAM is a quiet but merciless leader of the Locust Hordes army and a cameo character in Killer Instinct Season 3, hailed from the Gears of War series. He was leaked on Shoryuken before being officially revealed and officially announced at E3 2016.

General RAAM Moveset


Deadly Stomps

He can hit enemies killed with these two attacks. LK will do a somersault, while MK will do another bounce to the ground and another knockdown.


He leaps forward with a fake foot kick that doesn’t hit the opponent.

Kryll Shield

He leans back before unleashing a powerful forward stroke. This attack can be charged prior to release; The maximum fee cannot be blocked.


He rushes forward, stabbing the opponent with a knife. The strength of the button determines the warm-up time and safety; the lightweight version is fast enough to incorporate all the destructible standards but is not safe to block, the medium mix just turns off the bench heavy and slightly negative benchmarks, and the heavy is even slower but still safe full when blocking.


RAAM lifts the opponent’s neck, stabs them in the gut, then throws them to the ground to knock them down hard.

Kryll Rush

He started running towards his opponent as Kryll formed around him. If he makes contact with them on the ground, he will stab them and inflict the effect of Kryll Swarm.


He raised his hand to summon Kryll around him. The durability of the button determines invincibility; the light version is the lower body, the average is the upper body, and the heavy version is completely unbeatable.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.

General RAAM Strengths

RAAM has all the power of a traditional grappler. His mid-range and jumping stats are strong with large hitting boxes and frame advantages for backup. When he comes to you, that’s when you panic; his regular attacks and commands both have an excellent range and lead to a more chance of attack if they hit the target.

In particular, taking his Shadow Dominance command is the fastest move in the game at a disturbing warm-up frame, allowing him to be a major threat even at unfavorable and punishing frames conventional safety approaches. He has great return potential due to the enormous damage possible in instinct mode.



His weakness is perhaps the most noticeable of any character in Killer Instinct. RAAM is the least portable character in the game, does not have an easy horizontal approach against opponents at a distance, only average walking, and dashing speed, and a smooth jump. Along with its large size, reaching out to elusive or zoned characters requires great patience and some difficult readings, otherwise, it will be easy to discourage you.

When RAAM tries to come close, with just one opener and linker, his methods of opening an opponent are relatively binary between take and attack. It’s certainly possible to be creative, even within this framework, but his gameplan focuses more on the competitor’s readability and trends than many other characters. He had to use the ball-meter to approach an invincible throw, making well-timed throws powerful against him.