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Killer Instinct: Glacius guide – Profile And Moveset


Glacius is an extraterrestrial entity and character of the Killer Instinct series, playable in every installment of the series to date. A member of an alien species known for their powerful remote control abilities, he was trapped on Earth and entangled in human affairs after the Ultratech stole advanced technology from his ship crashed.

Glacius Moveset


Ice Lance

His hand formed a giant mass of ice, stabbing a large horizontal area in front of him.

Ice Pick

His arm turned into a large stick of ice, stabbing straight upwards. Good anti-air attack.


He dissolved into the ground, then flew up to the spot. It is possible to stay underground while the buttons are held, and can be moved slightly left and right. The projectile is invincible when launched, completely invincible when submerged in water. Can be punished when recovering.

Cold Shoulder

He lunged at the opponent with his shoulder. Safety on the block. The Shadow Cold Shoulder is an invincible bullet and lower body.


Glacius summons an unstoppable pillar of ice from the ground. The strength of the button determines where the column appears. Shadow Shatter cannot be blocked, but each attack tracks the opponent’s location.


He summoned an ice ball behind his head. Press and hold multiple buttons to summon up to three consecutive Hails. Each Hail remains in place until the corresponding button is released, then it moves down and forward. Hail bounces down the ground and doesn’t disappear if Glacius is hit. The button strength determines the angle of movement. Shadow Hail summons five echoes in a spreading fashion.

Puddle Punch

He melted in the ground, then soared with a giant uppercut. The heavy version is invincible when it boots and crashes.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.


End the match in style in the first few hits of your Ultra Combo. Must be on your health bar first.

Glacius Strengths

He has great full-screen zoning options including a bullet that bounces that won’t disappear if Glacius is hit, a near full-screen attack that can’t be blocked, and excellent jumping stats that can take over. monitor set. He also has surprisingly powerful corner control and close combat in a pattern that often struggles in close-range fights, coupled with extremely high damage output, especially against opponents is locked.



Like most zoners, Glacius has poor mobility; namely, his walking speed is very slow, and his jumps are high and hovering with no way to change trajectory in midair. He had a tough reversal, but because of the slow start-up and not rising off the ground, he had a harder time stopping neutral jumps and some other kind of foul. He also has a high hitbox that causes him to constantly get in the way of attacks that other characters can avoid.