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Killer Instinct: Hisako guide – Profile And Moveset


Hisako (“Eternal Child” or “Everlasting Child”), born Chiharu, is the sixteenth character of Killer Instinct (2013) and the seventh character of Season 2. She is a spirit girl who carries naginata. called the Onryƍ, or “Avenge Ghost”.

Hisako Moveset



She pulled back, sank to the ground, then appeared behind her opponent. Can’t be hit high. After reappearing, Hisako is very vulnerable before she can attack or defend.


She raised the naginata in front of her, trying to counter her opponent’s attack. Press punch buttons to defend against all high and medium attacks, and kick buttons to defend against all low-end attacks.

On Ryo Zan

She swung the naginata in front of her in this three-stage rekka attack. The button strength of the first attack determines speed and range. The second and third attacks have different behaviors based on the button pressed and can be mixed and combined; light is a low swipe, the medium is a swipe from top to bottom and heavy is a vertical swipe up quickly touches the middle.

Air On Ryo Zan

Hisako swung the naginata in an arc in front of her, causing her to fall to the ground in an instant.


She grabbed her opponent, placed her naginata behind them and pushed them upwards. The strength of the button determines the speed and range of the order; light has a very short range but is extremely fast.


She pulled her opponent closer with a ghostly vacuum, executing a command to grab their bodies if the opponent didn’t escape.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.


End the match in style in the first few hits of your Ultra Combo. Must be on your health bar first.

Hisako Strengths

Her greatest strength is her ability to scare people when she acts. She has the fastest and most long-range forward dash in the game, can lower certain attacks, grab commands faster than any other way can lead to a combo and counter-ability.

Attacks react and translate into massive damage anywhere, including things like ball counters and some punishing attempts. Her usual stats control large parts of the screen, making it difficult to access directly from the ground or in the air. There will come a time when Hisako makes you feel that no action you can take is the right course of action.



When she doesn’t dash away, from afar too far, has the worst walking speed in the game, meaning she needs to move in large chunks and it can be difficult for her to keep an area. Of the screen. All of her special moves are unsafe if blocked or avoided, so they must be used with care and consideration; her situation can take some risky approach to punishment if she has a Wrath Meter, which requires patience and good meter management.

Without enough Outrage, the opponent may have more chances against her and not be much afraid of retaliation. Hisako also couldn’t combine her light attacks without using a ball meter.