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Killer Instinct: Jago guide – Profile And Moveset


Jago is a mysterious warrior from a remote region of Tibet and one of the main characters of the Assassin Instinct series, playable in every installment of the series to date. Guided by the mysterious Tiger Spirit in search of his destiny, he was led to the Killer Instinct tournament to destroy the evil inside. He is Orchid’s half brother.

Jago Moveset


Neck Cutter

He swung the sword down from above. A long-range aerial attack.

Double Roundhouse

He kicked twice while stepping towards his opponent. Very beneficial if blocked.


Jago threw a fireball. The strength of the button determines the speed of the projectile. Press and hold the push button to charge the Endokuken and enter a dash to cancel charging. If released, the charged versions will be larger, offer a greater frame advantage, and can destroy other projectiles. Shadow Endokuken throws a large 5-shot version that destroys most other projectiles.

Laser Sword

A short swing of his sword, fast upward. The heavy version hit twice. All versions leave his advantage. The Light Laser Sword causes a flint fragment. Shadow Laser Sword has high damage properties.

Wind Kick

He flew across the screen, taking a step forward. The strength of the button determines travel distance and safety; all versions are negative, while the medium and heavy versions are punished by standards. Invulnerable to low levels until recovery. Shadow Wind Kick is also impregnable to projectiles.

Tiger Fury

A flying uppercut launched Jago into the air. Completely invulnerable until the frame becomes active. Shadow Tiger Fury hits 5 times.

Ultra Combo

Perform this special finish when the opponent is in danger to instantly win the match. End soon with MP + MK.


End the match in style in the first few hits of your Ultra Combo. Must be on your health bar first.

Jago Strengths

He has a great game. He has good zoning ability with fireballs, and his sturdy frame-trap attack is enhanced by multiple safe opening points, good low-range special moves, and fast speed, range. With his high non-damage resistance, invincible, you can never jump into him, and he is arguably the best defense in the game with his quick reversal and shadow moves with a low throw, launch, and attack abilities. Jago is the king of gauges in KI; he builds the ball meter faster than any other character and is able to restore his health through his instinct mode.



Although his instinctive mode is strong, it requires loopholes and the right amount of health to use, so in some matches, you will find yourself unable to use it effectively. His somewhat linear attacks require care to avoid tackles from huge defenders, as he will have to do well at medium range to avoid a possible two-shot streak. predictable. From full-screen mode, Jago might struggle to close the gap with some of the most powerful regional boxers with only average walking and rush speeds.