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Killer Instinct – The Basic Guide For Starter

Killer Instinct

The new Killer Instinct has a major upgrade, these upgrades are level design, character design, graphics, netcode, in-game mechanics, new character moves, sound design, characters Completely new character, in-game announcer and people love upgrades, super matching.

The overall new game mechanics, along with some changes to the characters, will feel similar to the series’ veterans, but for newcomers, it will be quite challenging. However, with some practice and patience, the game should feel smoother for you. Believe it or not, mechanics are actually pretty easy to learn.

The Killer Instinct controls

Killer Instinct

The controls will feel quite similar to Street Fighter, punch, and kick, with strong points of light, medium, and heavy. In fact, most of the attack symbols and button layout of the basics are almost identical to that of Street Fighter. As a result, Street Fighter players will have easy access to the controls, but for the combo system for Killer Instinct, that’s where things get a little more difficult.

The animations for each attack will appear differently depending on whether the character is standing, crouching, walking forward or backward, or jumping. Each character has at least twenty-four “Normal” attacks in their arsenal, each with a strong point and a weakness.

Here is the default control:

  • Light Punch(LP)= X
  • Medium Punch(MP)=Y
  • Heavy Punch(HP)=Right Bumper(RP)
  • Light Kick(LK)=A
  • Medium Kick(MK)=B
  • Heavy Kick(HK)=Right Trigger(RT)
  • All Three Punches(3P)=Left Bumper(LP)
  • All Three Punches(3K)=Left Trigger(LT)

Killer Instinct Combos

If you played Killer Instinct initially that day, then you’ll know that the combos have to be done in a particular way to make some expansion combos. Now, with this new combination mechanism, combos are much easier to perform, especially for newcomers. There’s a bit of freedom/randomness in the new combo mechanic, where players are still limited in what they can do to initiate and end combos.

This means that combinations MUST start from “Open Kit”, then go to “Linker”, “Shadow Linker”, “Manually”, or “Auto Duplicate”. Here’s what a typical match looks like:

Opener> Auto-Double / Manual> Linker / Shadow Linker> Auto-Double / Manual> Ender

Combo Breakers

Combo Breakers are what block the opponent’s combos, this can only be done on the ground, not in the air. However, with the new update to the game, if the opponent finishes the combo with Ender launches you in the air to juggle in the air, if the opponent is standing and hitting you in the air with Manually, then you can Combo. Break that down.

In this new Killer Instinct, You cannot Combo Break an Opener or Ender unless it’s a short combo going from Open to Ender, then you can Combo Break it, but only on Ender. To use the Combo Breaker, you must enter the power of the punch and kick in proportion to the attack the opponent is using.

Counter Breakers

Killer Instinct

Counter Breakers, also known as bluffs, are used to prevent defensive players from trying to perform Combo Breaker in a combo. This means that if your opponent has a habit of repeatedly breaking the same chains over and over, you can prevent this by pressing both MP and MK at any point while combining.

When this happens, the character will perform a guard-like animation and the announcer will yell Counter Breaker. The combo will then reset, bringing your opponent to Lock-Out and will allow you to add more attacks to your combo, which can cause some ridiculous damage.