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Killing Floor 2 Guide – Tips To Help Newbie Survive And Level Up

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2, the popular Horde Co-op Shooter from TripWire Interactive is now available on Xbox One and other platforms. Remnant killer waves can be tough, especially when you’re just starting out.

Melee weapons

Each character in the Killing Floor 2 starts with a melee weapon, and the Berserker class even specializes in it. To use it, you will have to manually select it from the weapon wheel (press and hold the weapon select button).

Killing Floor 2 3

Why expose yourself to danger by switching to Melee Weapon? Early in the game, Dosh is hard to come by, you can spend almost all the money you earn in the first rounds simply on ammo. Switching to melee on weaker enemies saves some of that ammo and thus money. Don’t bother hitting tougher enemies like bloats and sirens with melee attacks – you’ll want to keep your distance from them.

In the later rounds, things got too busy for safe melee. But a Katana (Berserker’s second-tier weapon) is still useful against bosses due to its ability to distinguish. Press the BLOCK button just before the boss charges on the attack, save yourself a big wound.

Pistols are perfect – Killing Floor 2

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People start with two guns: a single-class and a regular pistol. While your instinct might be to use a class-based weapon until you run out of ammo and then switch to a pistol, that’s not the best approach. Instead, try to use the right weapon for the right enemy.

Weaker zeds can be killed fairly easily with a pistol, especially if you score a headshot. Use your pistol ammo on them and save your better weapons for stronger enemies like stir fry and meat. And remember that when playing on the console, you can press the weapon select button to instantly switch between the two weapon styles instead of holding the button to access the weapon wheel.

Wait to buy armor

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Another instinct among beginners and even veterans is to stock up on armor each round in Killing Floor 2. After all, a small piece of armor can make the difference between hitting a small hit or a big one. But here’s the thing: Armor costs money, and you probably don’t need it right away.

In the first few rounds of the fight, not only is Dosh scarce, but enemies are weaker and less abundant. Therefore, you might be able to wait until the third round to start investing in armor. You’ll probably take a few shots before then, but nothing a little self-healing can’t handle. The money you’ve spent on armor for those hits is better spent on ammo or new weapons.

Share the dosh – Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

Usually, you want to accumulate as much Dosh as possible so you can buy weapons, ammo, armor, and grenades. But killing the 2nd floor also gives players the option to throw coins at each other by pressing right on the D-Pad (console) or the B (PC) key. You can also request doSH from other players using the chat presets (left on the d-pad, select the message with right stick, then release D-pad).

After you have bought all the important things. With a purchase option weapon and a fully stocked inventory, there is no other use for the Dosh than giving it away. That especially applies at the start of the Boss wave. You want everyone fully equipped to fight the big boss, so throw your money at whoever needs it before the final battle begins.