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Kirby Star Allies Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Kirby Star Allies 1

While the Kirby Star Allies is brand new to the Kirby franchise, it’s the perfect blend of old and new mechanics – fun for experienced players and newcomers to the main characters of the game. Rotund, Pink Protagon. If you’re wondering how the game plays or are curious about how all the important mechanics work, here’s an arrangement of everything you need to get started.

Absorb enemies’ power – Kirby Star Allies


Like in most Kirby games, you’ll need to absorb the enemy’s power to get through each level.

You’ll press and hold the B button to suck up enemies, and once they’re in your mouth, swipe down on the joystick to swallow them and take on their power.

There are a ton of different creatures, enemies, and objects that Kirby can suck in and lots of different powers that you can absorb; However, not everything you put in Kirby’s mouth will grant you the ability. Plus you can also press the B button without swallowing and restarting enemies in other baddies!

Make friends

Kirby Star Allies 2

Kirby Star’s allies really focus on the “Allies” part of its name, giving you the ability to charm various enemies and creatures to help you!

Press and hold the X button to hold a heart, then release the button and throw the heart at the enemy you want in your party. Boom! Now you have a new ally with a power that will help you in the world.

You can only have up to three allies, but if you come across an enemy you want in your party, you can always charm them as usual and choose to kick a member of your squad.

Not only are allies important to progress in the game, but this is also how you can play Kirby Star allies with up to three other players!

Power combos

Kirby Star Allies 1

Perhaps one of the best parts of Kirby Star Allies is the ability to team up with your allies and perform combos.

If you and one of your allies have compatible powers, you can hold down the joystick to initiate the power combo. This can be a lasting effect – like putting fire on a sword – or a one-time ability that fires a special attack.

PRO Tip: Although there is no list of all the combined powers in the game, if you look at the game menu you will get some hints as to what kind of powers can be mixed with an existing Kirby.

Power guides

Kirby Star Allies

With so many different powers available in the game, it can be difficult to keep track of which one each does; However, Nintendo includes a handy guide in the menu.

Once Kirby has absorbed the ability, you can navigate to the game’s menu by pressing the + button. This will give you a quick look at the current capacity Kirby is holding as well as a list of moves you can use!

Friend platforms – Kirby Star Allies

Throughout the game, you can encounter these huge golden platforms, known as friend platforms. They trigger cool and neat special events or abilities that require you to have three allies.

Gather your group of friends across platforms, flick your controls up, and watch the magic happen.