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Champions have the solo skill who dominate the meta at Korean rank

Korean rank

Korean rank

When using teleported champions on a large scale, the importance of teamwork is maximized. In this article, we will list out champions have the solo skill that dominates the meta at the Korean Challenge rank.

Many regions of the world prefer champions who have the solo skill. Especially 1v1 skill, the Korean mid lane is being dominated by champions who can walk around the map to help teammates. This shows that the importance of supporting the team is a top priority in the Korean Challenge rank. As for the ranking, these champions have the win rate and the ban rate at the top of the middle rank in the Korean Challenge rank 10.13.


Pantheon is the first champion to mention among who the champions have the solo skill in League of Legends. He is one of the champions who do not need the ultimate to still be able to solo 1v1 with the opponent. Pantheon is still very popular at the Korean Challenge rank.

At the laning stage, Pantheon is relatively “easy to breathe” because of his overly comprehensive skill set. Clearing creepy with Q, stunning targets with W – Flash W combo is very easy to kill when having coins support team. Finally, E can block the gank dodging damage very well and the enemy turret is very strong.

When reaching level 6, the final “Sunfall” will help Pantheon to gank in the top and bottom lane in a blink of an eye. Just a little higher up the opponent will pay very expensive. When Pantheon “loses” in the mid lane, other opponents always have to play under pressure because of high pushing. Pantheon will “jump in the head” but low pushing will lose the advantage of laning. Helping teammates play very comfortable roof. 

Lastly, Pantheon can constantly go solo and rally with his teammates with his ultimate. Making it difficult for the enemy to defend without teleport to participate in the team fight.

TWISTED FATE – Korean rank

Like Pantheon, Twisted Fate is the second champion who has solo skill. He also has a stunner that chooses a very dangerous target with W. Many opponents if subjective will be called out by the Twisted Fate and “Flash” stunned, taking the first victory easily. Prior to level 6, this god card name did not have much pressure because he could push the lane quite well. Straight to Silver Shoe to turn back and return to the road continuously if necessary. But with the inner cheating, Twisted Fate farm faster than the opponent. He can make a difference early on and snowball the whole game.

Until level 6, the threat of Twisted Fate will extend to the entire map thanks to his ultimate Destiny. Just suddenly appear and throw a yellow card out the opponent will collapse in the blink of an eye. The ability to support teammates almost anytime and anywhere is what makes Twisted Fate the second most popular champion in Korean rank as well as LCK.


Since Galio was fixed and could not use the W combo, this general has greatly reduced his popularity. But with his strong general, Galio has remained at the top of the meta for a long time.

In the current meta, Galio has a mutant play style that uses the Spell Book to surprise opponents with constantly changing spells. During the laning phase, with only a little lack of concentration, the opponent can also be approached by Galio with Express Attack or super-burst damage with Burning. And because Galio goes to AP, he is very quick to clear the minions. He can use the Magic Book to roam with his teammates.

Until level 6, Galio’s ultimate Super Heroes will help teammates play a lot more confidently. They are ready to fight because Galio can support them at any time. If Galio is working well with a number of junglers that have a wide reach and control like Wukong, Jarvan IV, Zac, etc. The fighting will be even more terrifying, the whole enemy team can disappear in just one Wombo combo.