July 31, 2021


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League of Legend: KT Rolster TusiN retire from pro League

KT Rolster

KT Rolster support, Park “TusiN” Jong-ik announced his retirement from the pro league of legend. After six years of pro play in his career. 

KT Rolster

The iconic LCK support posted a statement through his Facebook account, explaining that he would be transitioning to a streaming career based on AfreecaTV and YouTube.

“I’m going to retire. For quite a while, I have not been on social media, I made my debut when I was 20 years old and now I’m 27. Time is going really fast,” TusiN said. “There were many ups and lows, and many nicknames were given to me as well. I will be streaming from now on to find the next act in my life.”

He began his career in 2014 with Incredible Miracle secondary roster, which gave the start to other stars including current Cloud9 head coach Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin , Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho as well as retired players Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng.

In 2016, TusiN signed with Afreeca Freecs and remained with the organization for 2 years. The 2018 World Championship was attended by TusiN and Afreeca Freecs. In 2018, there were high hopes for Afreeca but the team only made it to the quarterfinals, where Cloud9 would knock the Korean side out in a 3-0 sweep.

TusiN and Kingzone DragonX were only one game away from winning the Worlds in 2019. He joined KT Rolster ahead of the 2020 season, his last team in the LCK. 

TusiN was considered one of the best supporters in the LCK during his time as a player, only second to former world champion Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in at his peak. The play by TusiN will remain a reference point for support around the world and will be missed on stage.

Where to watch 2021 LCK, TusiN ?

League of legend fans can watch the 2021 LCK through LCK’s official Twitch channel.

Who won the 2020 LCK summer ? – KT Rolster

The 2020 LCK Summer Split was won by DWG Kia, formerly known as DAMWON Gaming. The team also won the 2020 World Championship, ending a fantastic year for the Korean team and a return for LCK teams to the top.