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KT Rolster vs Gen.G Prediction – LCK Summer – 07/30

KT Rolster vs Gen.G Prediction

KT Rolster vs Gen.G Prediction

KT Rolster vs Gen.G prediction on July 30, 2021. Depending too much on Clid is costing Gen.G, at the moment there are no Gen.G members appearing in the top 5 MVPs of the LCK Summer 2021. They are being exploited by other teams. thoroughly with strong early game fighting style, especially the ability to control the big target that is inherently a brand has dropped drastically.

KT Rolster Overview

As a seasoned team, but KT Rolster at the moment is extremely slow, with 5 wins but 8 losses since the beginning of the season so far they can only rank 7th in the rankings. The gap of up to 2 more wins to equal points with the 6th ranked team is a big problem, but in this round, KT Rolster also has to face his opponent, Gen.G. However, still slapping KT Rolster who just had an important victory against Hanwha Life Esports to raise their spirits, they are still an experienced team ready to knock the opponent down at any time.

Gen.G Overview

Gen.G again showed their decline in this sensitive period, although they are still holding the 2nd position in the rankings with 9 wins and 4 losses, they have received 2 consecutive defeats in the rounds. nearest match. In the past, every time Gen.G met KT Rolster, Gen.G worked very hard to win, for example at the time of the first leg when Gen.G was in high form, they still had to step into the 3rd game to win. win. At this point, it is difficult to expect an overwhelming victory for Gen.G, when they are in a declining form.

KT Rolster vs Gen.G prediction

Staying on so many meaningless lives caused Gen.G to lose control of the game that they decided, there is currently no name in the Gen.G lineup that brings the necessary trust. 

While KT Rolster still has a stable Dove in the mid lane, in some ways Doran in the top lane is always a trusted name. KT Rolster’s fighting style also partly gives them an advantage in this match, not being afraid to fight can completely cause difficulties for a team with tactical problems like Gen.G. 

However, experts also predict that the KT Rolster scenario can only make it difficult for the opponent, but it is very difficult to win an overall victory. KT Rolster themselves this season is quite weak when he meets the big guys. It is good not to be afraid to fight, but they still reveal many mistakes that the opponent can take advantage of at the end of the game. 

Therefore, the final score is predicted to be 2-1 in favor of Gen.G, anyway, they are still a stronger team with an overwhelming head-to-head record.

KT Rolster vs Gen.G bet prediction

KT Rolster vs Gen.G total score prediction:

  • Game 1: KT Rolster
  • Game 2: Gen.G
  • Game 3: Gen.G

Total score 1-2 (KT Rolster win)

Handicap bet (KT Rolster is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose KT Rolster

First Blood:

  • Game 1: KT Rolster
  • Game 2: KT Rolster
  • Game 3: Gen.G

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: KT Rolster 16-7 Gen.G (Under)
  • Game 2: KT Rolster 5-15 Gen.G (Under)
  • Game 3: KT Rolster 12-18 Gen.G (Over)


KT Rolster: Doran, Noah, Blank, Dove, Harp

Gen.G: Rascal, Ruler, Clid, Bdd, Life