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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Ky Kiske Special Moves, Instant Kill

Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske performs best in the mid-range with plenty of useful punches at his disposal, but he has tools at every range. He uses his fast and long fS to overpower opponents and threaten them with high-damage counter-attacks and completes his distance game with 2S, 5H, 2K, and 2D. From far apart slots experienced Ky players can destroy Stun Dipper to safely defeat from afar.

Ky Kiske Playstyle

Ky Kiske

Ky Kiske fulfills the role of a perfect character with a low barrier of entry.


  • Strong Neutral Game: Ky has fast basic attacks or strong attacks that often translate into good kills or damage and space control.
  • Variable pressure routing: Ky’s open aggregator table and multi-purpose gauge allow the pressure structure to change to make the opponent guess.
  • Projectile Okizeme: Ky’s Charged Stun Edge and Grinders give him strength, okizeme repeats assuming he has a gauge or grinder set up in the corner.


  • Unsafe aerial kills: Unless the opponent is cornered, it is difficult to take down from aerial combos and sometimes impossible to take down light characters in the air.

Special Moves

Ky Kiske
  • Stun Edge: Stun Edge (SE) is an important part of Ky’s neutral game, and is very strong against YRC. It can be used to replenish neutral of Ky Kiske at any time, but keep in mind that the reward is low on hit because of the risk of the throw within the airdash range.
  • Charged Stun Edge: Charged Stun Edge (CSE) is an upgraded version of Ky’s Stun Edge. It is larger and slower than the normal variant and attacks three times instead of once.
  • Air Stun Edge: The S Air SE is multipurpose ammo that can be used in a variety of ways. In the neutral case, it can be used to capture approaching opponents and punish air defense attempts once they are below you.
  • Vapor Thrust: Vapor Thrust (VT) is an impregnable reversal attack of Ky Kiske. Version S (SVT) is extremely useful on Pursuit and starts/recovers a bit faster than the HS version, but it has much fewer invulnerability times.
  • Stun Dipper: Stun Dipper (SD) is one of Ky’s decisive moves. The impenetrability of the upper body, exceptionally fast launch, and long travel distances make it useful in a wide variety of situations.
  • Greed Sever: As a curator, Greed Sever (GS) is slightly radiated despite its speed. It is unsafe to be blocked at most ranges, so it is mainly used in combos and as an advanced attack option.
  • Split Ciel: In the neutral case, Split Ciel (SC) is used to summon Grinders as quickly and securely as possible. While its power varies from match to match, the blender’s threat allows Ky to play a much more passive neutral game, forcing opponents to change their positions to avoid being captured by the DC SE.

Ky Kiske Instant Kill

Ky Kiske

Chant a spell, part of a poem based on your ideal of being king, to summon a giant Grinder, leap over it and pierce your foe in a flash. Rising Force is a quick Instant Kill and is used in specific IK settings when Conclusion Conditions are met.