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Lake Guide – Things You Should Know Before Started



Lake is a beautifully presented story-based adventure game that takes place in the fictional town of Providence Oaks, Oregon. This beautiful Lakeside town is a home to many quirky residents. You will be Meredith Weiss, a woman who returns to her hometown to help her father deliver letters while he is away. Meredith moves from the hustle and bustle of city life to return home to navigate the slower pace of life.

Map And Delivery List


Taking place in the fictional and picturesque Lakeside of Providence Oaks, Oregon, Lake offers you a fun and beautiful location to explore as you drive around delivering mail and parcels. Right from the start, you’re given a handy map of the entire game’s location, and it pops up handy as you explore new locations.

Maps will be your primary friend as you send letters and parcels to every house or establishment around Providence Oaks and the surrounding area. You can withdraw the map at any time with the full delivery list showing which deliveries need to be made. Alternatively, you can add an optional waypoint on the map if you want.

Correct Parcel – Lake 

This may be very obvious, however, it begs to be mentioned; Be sure to select the correct parcel before dropping it off for delivery. It’s a pretty linear game but you can still make several choices with one of them being the ability to pick parcels from the back of your mail truck.

You shouldn’t really have any trouble choosing the right parcel considering the game always tells you the location, plus, you have a delivery list. On top of that, each parcel from the truck clearly states the exact address. Just make sure to choose the right parcel for the correct delivery.



Lake is a game about exploration and the freedom to do your work as you see fit. While it is by no means an open-world game, you, as Meredith Weiss, can still decide how you deliver each piece of mail or each parcel. If you want to take the route through the mountains, feel free to do so.

If you want to just move the story along or meet the next character, then just go right to the next delivery location via the main roads. The game has many invisible walls so you can’t drive or walk around anywhere, however, there’s a great sense of freedom to complete your daily deliveries as you see fit.

End-Of-Day Activity – Lake 


When you complete your daily delivery from the postal service, you head back to your house. Meredith usually lays on the couch after a long day and you can decide to watch some television, read a book or even head out on a quest or a little adventure.

Depending on your choices for the day, you may have more options for an end-of-day activity. The more characters you interact with and the more actively engaged in dialogue, the more activities you can have on your agenda. Make sure to check your agenda as a sort of weekly planner.