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Last Of Us: Part 2 Guide – Tips For New Players To Started

Last Of Us: Part 2

Last Of Us: Part 2

The Last Of Us: Part 2 is not thrilling. This is a challenging game and if you don’t play it carefully, the whole world will hurt you. Infected people, military avengers, religious fanatics, and Ellie sniffer dogs are just some of the challenges you will face and if you want to beat the odds, you have maybe just a trick or two.

Loot Everything – Last Of Us: Part 2

To have an inventory of wellness kits, molotov cocktails, and other handy items in your inventory, you’ll need to loot everything you can. If there’s an optional-looking building, a street you can explore, or just a room with an open door, it’s imperative that you check these dark areas.

Smash the glass panels to find loot hidden in the gas station or market, and open every drawer. Unfortunately, reading each note will get you safe combinations.

On top of that, you can also find unique upgrades like training manuals, weapons, and holsters. If you miss these things, they tend to spawn in multiple locations later. So do your best to loot every optional area you can, and don’t rush through the empty areas too fast. If you’re not being hunted, it’s time to seek out that juicy loot.

Gun Upgrades

As you collect weapon parts, you’ll be able to upgrade your gun in a variety of ways. In Last Of Us: Part 2, your weapons are usually better than the previous game, so we don’t really recommend using weapon abilities. You’ll want to save up for Damage upgrades first – these also often have accuracy or stability upgrades.

Damage is the best upgrade and you can get it for your Bolt-Action Rifle and Pistol. For your pistols and shotguns, you’ll want to focus on the rate of fire and stability. We highly recommend increasing the Fire Rate for your standard pistol. You are usually slow to shoot so you can’t take down enemies at close range effectively, the faster you can shoot, the better. Bolt-Action can also be upgraded with Accuracy and Stability, both of which are great options for scoring long-range headers.

Dealing With The WLFs – Last Of Us: Part 2

In the end, Ellie and you will be fighting more than just getting infected. WLF is man’s first enemy and they are very difficult to deal with. Never fight an intense battle against an enemy armed with a gun; Take your photo, then get out of there. If you’re under siege, just run for it! Better yet, drop a smoke bomb to cover your escape route. The new ability to crawl on the stomach is absolutely essential to sneaking up on human opponents.

Whenever you’re fighting, try to stay invisible instead of rushing forward. The more enemies you can take down with stealth kills, the better. Safe for yourself ammo and resources! Don’t forget, you can block enemies after catching them and moving them to a safer place.

Work Together

If you’re fighting an ally at your side in Last Of Us: Part 2, which you’ll be doing for most of the game, don’t underestimate their usefulness. If you play stealth games, they will always hide to kill nearby enemies if the coast is clear. If you’re stalking a two-man WLF patrol, your ally will destroy the second enemy if you catch them. That opens up so many tactica possibilities that you might not have realized were possible!

Better yet, your allies will eventually show you the right path to take if you get lost in one of the large areas. They would tell Ellie ‘Follow me’ and go in the right direction.