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Guide Ivern Season 10 – Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Instructions on how to play on Ivern season 9 guide Sp to support the forest and the Rune table to support Ivern recombining the most powerful equipment, top Ivern build full damage of high pro order increase the skill set, plus magic Support the latest Ivern counter combo skills in League of Legends game

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

The Rune table recombinant Ivern – Ivern Build

Rune Table Ivern goes Jungle – use much

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Ivern Rune table: Sorcery -> Summon Aery -> Nullifying Orb -> Transcendence -> Waterwalking.

Ivern Sp Jungle supplementary table – Guardian

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Ivern Resolve -> Guardian.

Ivern’s position – Ivern Build

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Summoner spells for Ivern

Flash​​+ Smite: are 2 best summoner spells for Ivern to go Jungle.

Ivern is a very special and interesting champion with his gameplay and skill set, try using Ivern once, maybe you will be impressed with the way of this Green Father.

Ivern’s strengths and weaknesses


Ivern is a jungle champion with the most superlative gameplay in League of Legends, going to the Jungle but more of an Sp-style to support the team.

Ivern can share green / red buffs with teammates early on, with the ability to loot the opponent’s forest quite nicely.

Quite a lot of control skills: bind vs Rootcaller, help hidden teammates vs Brushmaker, slow vs Triggerseed, knocking up vs Daisy!.

With Ivern, teammates can pick out charms at any time

Quite a lot of interesting things and surprises the opponent when you play Ivern.

In addition, Ivern is still a problem with turrets.


The Ivern skill set is quite difficult to use, especially for the first time Ivern players will feel a bit confused.

Control skills need to be used appropriately to achieve high efficiency.

Difficult to play to be mature.

Ivern’s damage is relatively small, compared to some other champions.

Skill table of Ivern

Ivern max: E -> Q -> W

Rootcaller (Q) is Ivern’s main damage ability so it needs to be maxed first and at the same time, its ability to root enemies is also increased. This will improve the skill of creating a Triggerseed (E). Brushmaker (W) will only need to raise one point at level 3 and will last lift. Daisy’s ultimate moves up to Ivern’s level.

Passive – Friend of the Forest

Ivern does not attack monsters in the forest – except for terrible monsters. Clicking on a monster will create a grove of trees, and it will grow in X seconds. You will need blood X and energy X to create a grove.

When this grove is complete, clicking on them, Ivern will free the monsters there and give the Goddess an amount of gold and corresponding experience. If you use Smite with the grove already, the monsters here will be immediately released.

From level 5 onwards, if Ivern frees monsters with spells, they will add another buff at that location to the Ivern allies. If your partner defeats this monster, the buff will be reserved for Ivern

Q – Rootcaller

Ivern shoots a roll of tree roots, dealing magic damage and binding the first enemy hit. Teammates can click on tied targets to dash to their range.

W – Brushmaker

Passive: While hiding in the grass, Ivern gains a bonus range and magic damage on each attack.

Active: Ivern creates a brush of grass that lasts for 30 seconds. The area in and around the dust will be illuminated for 3 seconds

E – Triggerseed 

Ivern creates a shield for allies, absorbing damage. After 2 seconds, this shield explodes, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies by 70% for 3 seconds

R – Daisy!

Ivern summoned his guardian friend Daisy. If Daisy attacks the same champion 3 times in a row, this girl creates a blast of energy, knocking up enemies within 1 second (3-second cooldown). Daisy gains additional damage and defensive stats based on Ivern’s magical power.

Deactivating this ability will direct Daisy to attack a new target or move to a new location.

Daisy’s stats will increase by ultimate rank

Ivern build

Beginning items for Ivern

Ivern build Sp to Jungle

Despite being a jungle role, Ivern has a style and playstyle in the direction of Supporting buffs for teammates and the team

Optional items for Ivern

Ivern build – Sp

As mentioned above, although being a jungle champion, Ivern’s way of dressing will be like an Sp in the team.

=> This is a set of Ivern build jungle items full buff Supports for the best team support including: Athene’s Unholy Grail + Ardent Censer + Redemption + Locket of Iron Solary + Knight’s Vow.

or Ivern build with Mejai’s Soulstealer when your team is stronger than your opponent.

Ivern build – Jungle

In addition, you can also go on Ivern map to go pure forest AP magic power, the amount of damage done is also very impressive.

You can try both of Ivern’s playstyle options, to see which works better.


How to play Ivern – Ivern Build

Passive: Friends of the Forest, help Ivern have a special jungle play than other champions.

Laning stage

After planting the green buff, he can go to the enemy forest to invade the red right from level 1 with a quick combo: throw the Rootcaller through the wall + charge and place groves + punish, then Ivern has Can quickly turn over Mid or Top to gank to support your teammates, putting pressure on opponents.

When Ivern reaches level 6 with Daisy’s ultimate, Ivern’s ganking moves become much more terrifying: Ivern can easily survive + combined with Daisy’s knock up => ability to eat The network is extremely high.

In combat

When the combat breaks out, Ivern acts as a ranged Sp for normal attacks.

Ivern Combo:

Create grass dust (to activate the passive Brushmaker) => buff + put the damage to kill the target => Rootcaller (control other targets, and help teammates better access) => Brushmaker (to reactivate additional long-range damage).

Creating a bush will always put the enemy in adverse situations and give the team a competitive advantage.

Counterpart Ivern- Ivern Build

Refer to some generals capable of countering Ivern – The Green Father effectively follow.

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Champions use a lot with Ivern

Guide Ivern Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Ivern Build

Conclude – Ivern Build

Above is our share of the Rune table reorganizing the Sett for Season 10 and some ways for Ivern build for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of ganking team success with Ivern in the arena of justice.