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Free Fire Team AZE, Latinoamerica League 2021 champion

Latinoamerica League 2021

Latinoamerica League 2021

The much anticipated Latinoamerica League 2021 Grand Finals have concluded, with Free Fire Team Aze emerging victorious

Free Fire Team Aze has qualified for the Free Fire World Series 2021 finals

Free Fire Team Aze has also qualified for the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 finals, which will be held on May 29th in Singapore. Despite only taking one Booyah in the finals, the team won the Latinoamerica League 2021 with 39 kills and 87 points thanks to consistent podium finishes.

With 34 kills and 85 points, God’s Plan finished second in the finals. Fragger Karma won the finals MVP award with 16 kills, helping his team qualify for the FFWS 2021 Play-Ins on May 22nd.

God’s Plan won the first, second, and sixth matches of this Free Fire event, with 9, 7, and 6 eliminations, respectively. Despite taking the most Booyahs, they fell two points short of the zenith.

Malvinas Gaming won the third match in Purgatory with seven kills and finished fourth with 54 points in the finals. Arctic Gaming MX won the Booyah with ten eliminations in the fourth match. The first half of the finals went well for them, as they led after the third match, but they were unable to maintain their performances in the final three games.

Free Fire Team Aze won the fifth match, which was held in Kalahari, with nine kills. They finished on the podium in all four rounds, which helped them win the Latinoamerica League 2021 championship.

Free Fire Latinoamerica League 2021 overall points

-Team Aze – 87 points (Qualified FFWS Finals)

-God’s Plan – 85 points (Qualified FFWS Play-ins)

-Arctic Gaming MX – 73 points

-Malvinas Gaming – 54 points

-Newstar Esports – 53 points

-Zwan Gaming – 50 points

-Naguara Team – 40 points

-Savage Esports – 39 points

-Ignis Esports – 27 points

-Furious Gaming – 27 points

-Estorm – 23 points

-Gillette Infinity Esports – 21 points