August 4, 2021


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LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction – Dota Pro Circuit China

LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction

LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction on January 8, 2020. All are playing pretty badly recently, but in general, LBZS will still be much more appreciated than Sparking Arrow. In the last 10 matches, LBZS won 6 and only lost 4 matches while Sparking Arrow only won 3, drew 2, and lost 5. Another point to mention is that in the previous meeting and also only. Most, LBZS has easily won against Sparking Arrow, which brings a lot of advantages and confidence to LBZS so they can aim to win the Bo3 at Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 this week.

Team overview

LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction

With 18th place in the world, LBZS is a potential candidate for the next ticket, Sparking Arrow is ranked 52nd in the world and it will be extremely hard to get in the way of LBZS, especially in the entire team performance is clearly declining.

Although LBZS did not play well and did not succeed in the WCAA Winter Challenge Cup tournament, what they learned in their experience, as well as the members, will come back strongly in this tournament with high goals. most instead of going down the loser branch here.

LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction

The picks and bans will bring advantages to LBZS as each member knows how to play a variety of champions. They can flexibly choose without having to deal with too many difficulties, so the laning phase becomes easier, especially in ganking when there are signs of the enemy moving too high.

The first kill will be in the hands of the LBZS as well as giving them more advantages to increase the level and control the map before Sparking Arrow. Sparking Arrow simply focuses on farming monsters and the tower instead of responding to the pressure coming from the LBZS.

With somewhat inferior abilities, this team will choose to defend and expect key positions in the squad to have enough time to earn a large amount of equipment needed.

As LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction, LBZS total fights will always be more active, they set up fights when there is a signal to call the team as well as play extremely smoothly in teamfights to make Sparking Arrow unable to turn around.

LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction

The match will soon close in just two quick games, although Sparking Arrow tried its best to compete with the runes in the early days and didn’t let the vision of Roshan cave be obscured by the opponent. However, LBZS simply played too firmly, successfully concreted, and captured important kills is the basis for them to get Roshan and end the match with a score 2-0.

The O/U bet in this match is probably more inclined because this seems to be a one-way match in favor of LBZS. Moreover, Sparking Arrow also focuses on playing moderately and safely in the whole game to limit the fact that LBZS can have a kill.

Line-up – LBZS vs Sparking Arrow prediction

  • LBZS:  MS,  気,  xiaofu,  x.x,  CatYou
  • Sparking Arrow:  J,  Dstones,  Flyby,  September,  XCJ