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LCK 2020 Summer announced the lineup for the second leg

LCK 2020 Summer announced

LCK 2020 Summer announced

The list of teams of the LCK 2020 Summer teams for the return phase has been announced. Will there be any transfer blockbusters triggered in the second leg?

lineup list

LCK Summer 2020 officially kicked off the group stage on June 17. The Summer Split will take place within 3 months, after which the Playoffs and Worlds qualifiers will be held to select the 3 best representatives of the LCK to attend the Worlds 2020.

LCK 2020 Summer has come nearly half way. This is also a short period when Korean League teams can change personnel to prepare for the rest of the season.

Even so, the LCK teams have decided not to change their forces for phase 2. Only a few teams will bring young players to the main roster. And the highly anticipated blockbuster like Tarzan will not happen this summer.

List of teams of LCK Summer teams in the return phase:

Afreeca FreecsKiinSpirit (Dread)Fly (ALL IN)Mystic (SS)Ben (Jelly)
DRXDoranPyosikChovy (Quad)DeftKeria
DAMWON gamingNuguri (Flame)CanyonShowMakerNucler (Ghost)Hoit (BeryL)
Team DynamicsRichBeyondKuzandeokdamGuGer
Gen.GRascalClidBddRulerLife (Kellin)
Hanwha Life EsportsCuVee (DuDu)Haru (YeongJae, CaD)Lava (Mireu)ViperLehends (Vsta)
Kt RolsterSoHwan (Smeb)bon0 (Malrang)Kuro (Ucal)AimingTusiN
SANDBOX GamingSummitOnFleek (Punch)Dove (FATE)Route (Leo)GorillA (Kabbie)
SeolHaeOne PRINCEikssu (Alphamong)Kuma (Flawless)Mickey (Keine)Trigger (HyBriD)Secret (Mia)
T1Roach (Canna)Cuzz (Ellim)Faker (Clozer)Teddy (Gumayusi)Effort (Kuri)

This week, the LCK 2020 Summer will enter the 5th week. This will be the last week of the first leg. We will provide daily information about the tournaments of League of Leagends and many other games like CSGO, Dota2, Fortnite… (schedule, weekly standings, linup, etc.). So stay tune with us to have the latest news of Esports tournament, also other contents like sharing tips to play game, etc.