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LCK 2020 Summer result summary – Week 4: SB Exploited with “west witch”

LCK Summer 2020 result

LCK Summer 2020 result

LCK Summer 2020 result is witnessing a lot of surprises in a row. KT successfully disbanded DRX on their main support day TuSin was unable to play, while T1 lost to the rookie team DYN. In another development, SB is proving that they can be much stronger only with the leadership of the first foreign coach in the history of the LCK – YamatoCannon. These are the LCK Summer 2020 results and what happened in the last week of the competition.

T1 and DRX are irregular

LCK Summer 2020 result

There is nothing to say if DRX ends the first leg with a successful record. But KT didn’t let that happen. The lack of TuSin main support, while the young talents of the Academy team could not meet the requirements, made the KT coaching staff forced Smeb down the support position.

Few expected Smeb to playback so well when all three games he played Maokai. DRX must also be surprised by the strength of KT and accept the final defeat 1-2.

T1 then one day have a simple victory against SP. But against another rookie of the LCK, DYN, the defending champion was extremely disappointed. Faker had to use a somewhat support-oriented general before a match against Kuzan’s Galio in game 3. T1 tried to make the match longer so Teddy’s Aphelion could carry the team, but DYN owned Ezreal stronger than that. In the LCK Summer 2020 result, after nearly 50 minutes in game 3, T1 failed while DYN created a real earthquake in week 4.

SB Exploited with “west witch”

LCK Summer 2020 result

Another team below the standing, SB, is also flourishing in the game. YamatoCannon has solved the problem of visa and isolation, so it has turned SB into a destruction machine.

If the victories against DYN last week and HLE at the beginning of week 4 were not appreciated by experts, the strangulation of the team that had just won DRX – KT really surprised many people.

KT still uses Smeb as a support, but SB knows how to destroy the opponent in two single lanes, Summit (top) and FATE (mid) SB will have a week that is not too difficult. In the immediate future, they only had to face the penultimate team SP before rematching against KT, it seems that the “honeymoon” of YamatoCannon and SB could not close immediately.

In the remaining developments of Week 4, Gen.G is gradually stabilizing while DWG continues to have victories to chase DRX. In the LCK Summer 2020 result, they will face off against other strong opponents in week 5.

LCK Summer 2020 result

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