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LCK 2020 Summer Week 4: DRX Took BACK Their Crown

LCK 2020 Summer Week 4

LCK 2020 Summer Week 4

On July 11, within the LCK 2020 Summer week 4, DragonX defeated DAMWON Gaming thereby reclaiming the top spot from this opponent.

Match developments – LCK 2020 Summer week 4

LCK 2020 Summer Week 4

This is a true top fight in the LCK 2020 Summer week 4 because victory only comes in the final decision. DRX can be considered lucky in game 1 when DWG decided to let a single person push the house, even though Chovy and his teammates are attacking and destroying the main house in the opposite direction.

The one-sided match only took place in game 2 with the advantage of favoring DWG thanks to the extremely effective early ganks. With a strong attacking lineup and massive damage from Ashe and Zoe, DWG equalized 1-1 in the 32nd minute.

Entering the decisive game, instead of playing cautiously, the two sides attacked from the beginning, opening consecutive fights to target the top lane. By the 20th minute, when the advantage between the two teams was balanced, DRX had a successful fight phase thanks to the protection of Tahm Kench, and the final attack of Azir. With Baron’s 30-minute buff, DRX pushed the mid lane, knocking down the main DWG despite the opponent’s attempt to create a mutation.

Excellent player

LCK 2020 Summer Week 4

Chovy is proving to be a great maturity when fighting every quality that the team requires with MVP Twisted Fate game 1 and Azir game 3 in the week 4. Not only does the damage mission, Chovy’s ability to take chances to fight is also very sharp which brings a lot of advantages to DRX.

LCK 2020 Summer standings week 4