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League of Legends – LCK Summer 2020 Week 6 results

LCK Summer 2020 Week 6

LCK Summer 2020 Week 6

The LCK Summer 2020 Week 6 has started with extremely unexpected developments. Since winning the match against SKT (the predecessor of T1) in the 2018 Worlds qualifying round, Gen.G has received defeat in 9 consecutive matches against this opponent. However, in this meeting, Gen.G played science, alert and was slightly better in most of the total team fights to get the final victory 2 – 0.

Match developments – LCK Summer 2020 Week 6

The two brightest stars of the runners-up team, Ruler and Bdd, are the winners of the MVP in this match, with the cards Ezreal and Zoe.

Defending champion T1 brought many options that are no longer popular in this meta in the first game such as Karma top lane, Jax jungle, or Akali mid. This makes the Faker family and the teammates have a lot of difficulties in deploying the game.

LCK Summer 2020 Week 6

Meanwhile, Gen.G played solidly, controlling big goals to create an advantage in the amount of money in the early game. This makes T1 constantly forced to fight opponents to regain the advantage. However, Ruler with the ability to hold the position and the ability to fly kites impressed with Ezreal cards has helped Gen.G create an even greater advantage.

Successfully controlling the Baron buff, then the Spirit of Fire Dragon, the 2017 World Championship champion finished the first game after 35 minutes of play. As for Gunner Ruler, he didn’t have to go to the scoreboard once and get 12 kills in the entire first game.

Entering the second game, T1 actively released a Zoe for the mid-laner Bdd on the opponent’s side. However, this was a very wrong decision for the champion of the LCK when the former DragonX player exerted great pressure during the laning phase, and soon had Doublekill himself in the fighting phase in the Messenger.

In the subsequent engagements, despite great efforts to help Gunner Teddy have many kills and catch up with Ruler on the other side of the battle line in this LCK Summer 2020 Week 6.