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LCS 2020 Summer result – Week 5: 100 thieves end the cloud9 continuous winning

LCS 2020 Summer result

LCS 2020 Summer result

As much as dreaming, people don’t think that Cloud9 is defeated by a name who is in crisis and diving at the bottom of the chart like 100T. Ssumday and his teammates had a brave match to stop C9’s unbeaten dream in the group stage (LCS 2020 Summer result on July 13).


After an impressive victory against TSM, the C9 boys brought psychological comfort right in the banning section before the opponent not rated 100T. Wukong – Senna continued to be used in the bot lane after the impressive display of Zven and Vulcan before TSM. But 100T has planned to lift the couple’s power with Ashe – Karma, and Galio.

With a very strong solo catch, 100T makes good use of this in team fights. The amount of damage is not too dependent on gunner Cody Sun when Olaf in Contract hands has a sublimation day to help 100T always better than the opponent in every situation in the match.

The turning point of the match took place in the 23rd minute when the amount of difference of nearly 10 thousand helped 100T to easily resolve the arrests of the C9 ADC. A fairly clean sweep is the gold gap has increased significantly, although 100T has not finished the Baron.

This was also a disastrous game for Blaber when the Spring Split MVP was constantly captured and lying down, pushing teammates into a lack of fighting. In the 26th minute, in an attempt to turn back into unsuccessful, C9 lost 4 members and Zven’s Wukong alone was helpless before 3 members of the opponent.

As the LCS 2020 Summer result, 100T became the first team to beat C9 this season. Chasing opportunity will be for TL when this team is only away from C9 one victory.

LCS 2020 Summer result – week 5

Week 5
Sat 2020-07-11
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