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League of Legends – LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 results

LCS Summer 2020 Week 6

LCS Summer 2020 Week 6

C9 is no longer the one who cannot be defeated. Cloud9 is considered the strongest LCS team at the moment. It has been a long time since the LCS witnessed one of the teams having the same strength in strength as C9 in 2020. Despite having not too many superstars, C9 still knows how to take advantage of each person’s abilities in the team. Even so, EG seems to have found the key to defeating C9 after 100T did it LCS Summer 2020 Week 6.

Match Developments – LCS Summer 2020 Week 6

LCS Summer 2020 Week 6

In the LCS Summer 2020 week 6, EG uses Huni in the top lane. C9 immediately organize this guy in the 7th minute. Huni made a mistake in this situation, so EG lost 2 points to kill. Huni and his teammates then had many successful 5vs5 skirmishes with C9. But it took 27 minutes for the advantage to show up for EG when they quickly defeated the bottom couple of C9.

The first Baron of the match belonged to EG and they had the additional Earth Dragon Soul shortly after. The loss of many advantages, while the main force does not have much equipment to repel, makes C9 difficult in the fighting phase. GoldenGlue mid-game is great with Zoe and EG has a strong teamfight ability.

32 minutes, C9 tried to dispute a thousand-year-old dragon but failed. EG does not need the Elder Dragon to finish the game afterward. After 100T, EG is the 2nd team to be able to beat C9 in the 2020 Summer LCS.

Defeating C9 gave EG the sixth victory of the season. C9 is still in the lead, but they are no longer a gap with TL when both are 9 wins. C9 will face FLY to reproduce the 2020 LCS Spring Split in the next match. Meanwhile, EG will have the next match with IMT.