July 27, 2021


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League of legend: Changes in TFT Set 4.5

Set 4.5

According to main game designers Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer and Riot Kent, several overpowered and underpowered champions are getting balance change makeovers heading into Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5.

Set 4.5

Set 4.5 in TFT is scheduled to be released on Jan. 21, and will contain 20 new Fates champions and seven features. Many of the Set Four carries have been removed heading into the mid-set, but several units remain overpowered and underpowered. 

Mortdog and Riot Kent called out Yone and Lulu last night during the Post Mortem rundown video, while also focusing on improvements aimed at Talon.

Yone and Talon balance changes in TFT Set 4.5

Yone has become one of the most sought-after legendary five-costs in the 10.25 meta patch, known for shredding entire comps, particularly when equipped with Blue Buff. According to Riot Kent, balance changes are in the works for Yone, so he is “less problematic.” It is unknown, however, whether these changes will occur in the upcoming Patch 11.1 or Patch 11.2 .

Thanks to armor and magic resisting Elderwood’s buff, Lulu was another problematic champion in Patch 10.25. According to Mortdog, the buff was “the correct call,” but he acknowledged that “leaving Lulu in the state she was in was a big mistake.” Teemo is also going into Set 4.5 on the hot seat, interrupting the meta with his AoE damage to frontline and backline units.

Talon will be adjusted slightly before the release of Set 4.5, having essentially disappeared from the TFT 10.25 goal. Talon is, Mortdog said, “strong and a difficult comp to run right now.” “Adjustments to the four-cost champion have resulted in him popping off in testing, according to Riot Kent.

On Jan. 4, with Set 4.5 being uploaded to the PBE with Patch 11.1, details of the TFT mid-set update should become public. Fates: Festival of Beasts is scheduled for official release on Jan. 21.