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League of legend Patch 11.3: Heavy-hitters to gets nerf

League of legend Patch 11.3

League of legend Patch 11.3 is drawing near and Riot has reported to nerfs some champions who are presently seeing a lot of play in both the professional and solo queue.

League of legend Patch 11.3

In League of legend Patch 11.3, Riot will continue to focus heavily on balancing the new item system for the third patch of LoL Season 11, but more and more champions are also being affected. 

With the professional season starting back, Riot realized that quite a few heavy hitters need changes, such as Olaf, Ivern, Seraphine and others. Riot brings the buffs to champions like Jinx and Singed at the other end, perhaps bringing them back to the meta.

Riot to nerf Olaf, Ivern, and Seraphine in League of legend Patch 11.3 


Base health: 597 to 575

P – Berserker Rage: attack speed 0-100 to 0-70 percent based on missing health.

Both in the solo queue and professional play, Olaf is currently one of the best junglers. Usually, he’s a threat in the jungle that gets uncontrollable after only a few kills. 

There’s no denying that Olaf is in an unbalanced spot, so seeing some of his nerfs on patch 11.3 is probable to do good for the jungle role in general.

He will be less terrifying in early skirmishes by reducing Olaf’s base health and passive attack speed and will probably be easier to deal with. 

No champion can really match him in the jungle as of right now. Olaf appears to be less prioritized on the next patch when pairing these nerfs to the nerfs of Goredrinker.


Health per level: 95 to 85

E – Triggerseed: shield 80-220 to 80-200

Over the last few weeks, Ivern has been an interesting pick in both solo queue and professional play. In the solo queue, Ivern was sitting at some high win rates in the jungle, but in professional play, he was favored in the top lane.

Seeing Ivern in pro play is a rare sight in particular, so it was quite a surprise when professional teams in the LEC picked him up for the top lane. 

Despite being an unusual pick, Ivern is actually quite a powerful laner. He could be a lane killer who scales up to be a supportive monster in the late game. With a powerful hyper carrying on his side, Ivern can be a real game changer.

In Patch 11.3, Riot is trying to tone him down a bit. This will be achieved by subtracting the health by level and shield amount on Triggerseed. These nerfs don’t seem to be enough to ruin him, so he might still be grabbed on some occasions.

Mythic item Goredrinker nerf in League of legend Patch 11.3 

Active heal: 12 to 8 percent missing health

One of the most popular mythical items to date has been the Goredrinker. The item is picked up by almost every fighter and makes it extremely hard for opponents to deal with the big healings coming from the active Goredrinker.

The Goredrinker alone has allowed champions like Renekton and Olaf almost unkillable, just because the active healing is too big. Brawlers usually have a hard time getting kited, but the Goredrinker healing gives enough time to chase enemies up to this point. 

By nerfing the healing, Riot will hopefully be able to get Goredrinker in a more balanced state and open up for other Mythical items to be usable in League of legend Patch 11.3..