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League of legend: Viego won’t be available of the 2021 LEC


The newest champion in League of Legends, Viego, will not be available for Week 3 of the 2021 LEC Spring Split.


Viego will not be available for LEC teams to play 

According to LEC Commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt, Viego will not be available for LEC teams to play in the coming week, although that was the original plan. The original rule suggests that new champions will be disabled in the 2021 LEC for the first two weeks after its launch, but due to several game bugs on the ruined king, this rule has now been extended.

Even though many fans were looking forward to seeing Viego enter Summoner’s Rift on the professional stage, it seems the right choice to disable him further for the time being. Because of Virgo’s unique kit, where he is capable of possessing slain enemies and getting their abilities and items, a lot of big bugs have followed it since.

Players have experienced one game bug of Viego after another in the solo queue, to the point where it wouldn’t be good to release him to the tournament for competitive matches. 2021 LEC is the first big league to delay its debut, but other leagues are likely to do the same until it is bug free.

Perhaps one of the most important bugs that have been discovered are mainly based on his passive Sovereign’s Domination, where he can gain permanent buffs after destroying enemies that should normally go away after the passive expires. There’s even been video proof of a bug where it crashes the whole game.

According to Schmidt, the 2021 LEC will reevaluate its appearance in the competitive play of patch 11.3. Patch 11.3 has just hit live servers, which means fans will have to wait for at least another week to see the best pro players on the ruined king.

How to play ?

LoL Viego is a combative champion who likes to skirmish and fight whenever possible. He’s great at killing squishy targets while kiting around while being camouflaged by Harrowed Path (E). The ruined king can play aggressively and snowball games from a very early age. If he doesn’t succeed in doing so, He can be shut down by tanks and crowd control.

Viego is known as a jungler but has also proved to be viable in other roles. After his release on Patch 11.2, he was played by the players in both the top and middle lane. While he is most played in the jungle, he’s got the best win rate in the middle lane in LoL Patch 11.2. His worst win rate is in the jungle, but players may still need time to learn his kit and play style.