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League of Legend Wild Rift: 5 Dangerous Skills that Must Avoid!

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is a MOBA game that now has a lot of fans. This game is different from most MOBA games. In addition, this game was made directly by the developer of one of the biggest MOBA games in the world, Riot Games.

Wild Rift does take various things from the League of Legends universe so that many gamers are interested. Talking about League of Legend Wild Rift , there are several Wild Rift skills that are worth discussing, especially since the skill is very deadly.

Those of you who meet a champion who uses these skills that we are going to mention below, You should avoid it. So, What are the 5 dangerous skills in Wild Rift ? Let’s take a look at the review.

The 5 Most Dangerous Skills

Fizz – Playful / Trickster – Wild Rift

Wild Rift

Fizz is one of the assassins that is very dangerous on the lane. Why is he dangerous? This is because Fizz has great damage and is difficult to target due to his agility.

He has one of the dangerous skills, Playful / Trickster. This skill makes Fizz jump into the air and land to do damage. When he tried the first jump, he couldn’t be targeted. Then during the second jump, he will inflict great damage on the enemy. With the right combo, Fizz can immediately kill his opponent!

Master Yi – Alpha Strike With Highlander 

Wild Rift

Master Yi was also one of the most dangerous assassins. He can kill several enemies at once with great damage.

His ability which is called Alpha Strike is very dangerous where he can hit several enemies in one hit attack. Without any buffs, Alpha Strike is already very deadly. It would be even more deadly if added with the ultimate from Master Yi named Highlander.

The Highlander will provide movement speed, immunity to slow effects, and Master Yi’s attack speed in a few moments. Providing a kill or assist will even extend the Highlander duration and reduce the cooldown of other abilities. 

Singed – Poison Trail – Wild Rift

Champion that is suitable for people who like to get rough. That’s right, Singed is a champion who can injure an opponent just by walking. One of his flagship skills is Poison Trail which will make Singed surrounded by dangerous poison.

This skill deals continuous damage if the opposing champion is exposed to its poison aura. In group battles, this skill is dangerous, especially Singed is a champion with a large HP and defense.

Blitzcrank – Rocket Grab 

This famous champion is one who has dangerous skills, especially if the user is very shrewd. He has a skill called Rocket Grab that is ready to kidnap anyone from a distance. Roaming while being haunted by Blitzcrank is a scary thing.

Moreover, this skill will provide pause control for your champion plus Blitzcrank has quite a lot of damage. But usually, Rocket Grab is a skill used to attract and gank opponents.

Ahri – Charm  

Wild Rift

Ahri is a mage that can be used as support or assassins depending on your interest in using it. If made into assassins, Ahri will be very dangerous, especially because of the skill called Charm. 

This skill will cause damage and make the enemy run automatically towards Ahri which makes him free to attack the enemy with his powerful magic. Ahri who plays by a pro can kill you in one combo using Charm!

That’s all for 5 Dangerous Skills in Wild Rift! Stay tuned for more news and updates!