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League of Legend Wild Rift: Amumu Build and Guide, The Small Tanker!


Amumu‘s a champion tank, but when viewed from the shape or size, many people think Amumu’s a mage or support. Amumu has good CC (crowd control) and can be built into a Tank or Mage. Therefore, Amumu’s very suitable in all types of team composition.

Even though the difficulty level of using Amumu’s low, you shouldn’t play it carelessly, especially if you get the wrong item. Of course it will be fatal for you. Well, if you want to use Amumu to the maximum, you can follow the following Amumu Wild Rift builds! Let’s take a look below!


Amumu Wild Rift’s skill

Before we enter into the discussion about the builds from Amumu, it would be better if you know the skills for this champion. The following is an explanation of Amumu’s skills:

Cursed Touch (Passive Skill) – Amumu’s basic attack gives a Curse effect on the enemy, making the enemy receive a true damage bonus from the magic damage he receives.

Bandage Toss (Skill 1) – Amumu throws a sticky bandage at the target, applies a stun and deals damage to the target and pulls himself towards the target.

Despair (Skill 2) – When activating this skill it will give 20 + 1.1% magic damage to surrounding targets every second.

Tantrum (Skill 3) – Permanently reduces the physical damage Amumu receives. Amumu can release his anger, dealing damage to enemies around him. Each time Amumu’s hit, Tantrum’s cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Curse of the Sad Mummy (Ultimate) – Amumu binds surrounding enemy units with bandages, inflicting a Curse effect, injuring them, and rendering them unable to attack or move.

Amumu Full Tank Build

the Amumu

If you use this build it will make Amumu play the maximum as a tank. That’s because this build will give Amumu an increase in armor, magic resistance. In addition, if the build is combined with skill 3, Amumu’ll become very thick. This build is suitable for you to use when dealing with supports, tanks, and MM.

Vs Ad

If your opponent is an AD champion, then this build will be very suitable for you to use because it will increase armor and reduce damage from AD champions.

Vs Ap

the Amumu

When dealing with an opponent who is a dominant AP champion, this build is perfect because it will increase magic resistance and reduce magic damage.

Amumu’s Rune and Spell


You can choose Aftershock runes to strengthen your defense, Weakness will interfere with enemy movements, Hunter – Titan gives the champion additional HP, Pathfinder will increase speed in forests, bushes and rivers.


As for the use of Spell, you can use Smite which will provide additional damage to monsters and Flash to chase or run away.

Amumu’s Combo

Amumu has a fairly simple skill combo, but you have to be able to control his skillshot so you can hit the enemies. Here are the combos for Amumu Wild Rift:

 (2) Despair,  (1) Bandage Toss, (Ultimate) Curse of the Sad Mummy, (3) Tantrum 

That’s it for Amumu’s build and guide! Stay tuned for more news and updates!!