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League of legend Wild Rift: Evelynn Build and Guide 2020


Evelynn is one of the best junglers / assassins in Wild Rift. A series of abilities allows this Champion to shine easily. The junglers in Wild Rift have the main task of killing monsters and stealing kills whenever there is a glorious opportunity. 

The Assassins can have the advantage of performing better at disrupting the development of the enemies. Just look at how terrifying Evelynn’s everytime she comes out of the woods.

She is one of the K / DA members, and is known as an effective ADC hunter. If Evelynn’s not on the map, chances are that she’s stalking you and will surprise you with an ambush.


Do you want to be able to master Evelynn in Wild Rift? Take a look at the guide below!

Ability Introduction

Eveleynn is a pretty annoying Assassin because her passive allows this Champion to disappear. Her Demon’s Shade can give Evelynn a regeneration bonus while camouflage. This way, Evelynn can get out of the woods and gank easily.

Evelynn’s two abilities allowed her to slay monsters with ease. After taking damage Evelynn could easily leave the battlefield with her Ultimate before terrorizing the enemy again.

Laning and Farm Phase – Evelynn

In the jungle, Evelynn can survive easily by increasing her abilities one and three. Meanwhile, Allure can be used if Evelynn is ready to gank. Because it a passive that can provide her with camouflage,

Evelynn is a Champion jungler with very high roaming abilities. So, don’t be afraid to roam! After level 5, her camouflage ability can be active and Evelynn can disturb enemy junglers from farming.

Best Build Rune and Spells

Like other junglers, Evelynn is obliged to use smite. Meanwhile, if you are on the lane, you should choose Battle Spells – “Sprint” to play aggressively. For rune combinations, Evelynn should use Conqueror and a Hunter set which you can adjust to your opponent’s composition. If there are too many fighters, you can increase your durability with Titan.

For other options, Evelynn is highly recommended to use Pathfinder to make it faster when roaming. The rune is also very useful for running away from battle or doing split push when it is too far away from team fight.

Evelynn Item Combinations


To keep the farming phase faster, you can add Luden’s Echo which is also very useful in teamfights in the mid-game phase. Meanwhile, Lich Bane can also be a priority if you want to hunt enemies quickly.

 As a strong Mage, Evelynn’s also required to bring Rabadon’s Deathcape or increase her Magic Penetration with Infinity Orb and Void Staff.

Later, item adjustments can be made depending on the composition of the enemies. Meanwhile, for Boots, it is highly recommended that you buy Ionian Boots to increase your move speed. The enhancement effect can be used depending on your needs, such as Protobelt to appear more swift, Quicksilver if there are many enemies with CC, or Stasis so that you don’t die easily.