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League of Legend Wild Rift: Seraphine, Your Ideal Support!


League of legend Wild Rift Seraphine, one of the most capable and balanced Champion Wild Rift support roles to date. To make the most of it, the choice of building this champion in Wild Rift is an important factor that you should pay attention to when using.

This support-mage combined champion has a fairly large burst of damage. In addition, She also has a skill that can give Crowd control effects to enemies. This champion also has a fairly low level of difficulty which is perfect for beginners. Let’s take a look at the following build and guide!


Seraphine Wild Rift Skill

Before we enter into the discussion for the best build, it’s better if we first discuss the explanation of skills on this Wild Rift champion. The following is an explanation of the skills:

Stage Presence (Passive Skill) – Every third ability cast will Resound and be issued twice. Casts ability grants Not to nearby allies. For each note, Her next basic attack gets Attack Range and bonus damage.

High Note (Skill 1) – She deals damage in 1 area, gets stronger based on lost enemy Health.

Surround Sound (Skill 2) – she grants Shield and Movement Speed ​​to all the allied champions around. If She already has a shield, she gives healing to nearby allies, which increases according to the number of allies.

Beat Drop (Skill 3) – She deals damage and slows enemies. If the enemy is slowed down, they will be rooted. If they are rooted, they will be stunned.

Encore (Ultimate) – Shedeals a line of damage, applying charm and slow to enemies. Encore gets further if you touch an allied or enemy champion.

Seraphine Wild Rift Build


These items will provide her with magic damage, HP, regen, and cooldown reduction which are important in the early game. Hence, the first four items became core items for this champion.

Vs Ad 

These items will provide her with armor, and mana regen that allows it to last longer when dealing with AD champions.

Vs Ap 


These items will allow her to deal with AP champions because these items will provide magic resistance to reduce damage from AP Champions.

Rune and Spell


This champion is recommended to use Aery runes which will give bonus or shield damage, Weakness which will interfere with the opponent’s movements, Loyalty which will give you and your AR and MR friends, Manaflow Band which will add mana.


Recommended Spell is Ignite which is useful for burning enemy HP with true damage. For the second spell you can use Flash, to chase your opponent or run away.


You can adjust the combo based on the situation, Here is the combo:

(Ultimate) Encore – (skill 3) Beat Drop – (skill 1) High Note 

That’s it on Seraphine’s Wild Rift build and guide! Stay tuned for more news and updates!