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League of Legend Wild Rift: Singed, The Deadly Mad Scientist!


League of Legend Wild Rift Singed, is a Champion with the Tank-Mage role that has damage and becomes a counter for several other champions. Determining this champion Wild Rift build is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to when using this champion.

Apart from being easy to use for beginners, His uniqueness is that it is able to provide consistent damage to the area he has left. This is certainly an annoying skill for every Champion chasing him because he could die if he is not careful.


Singed is a Tank champion that belongs to the Specialist class in which you can play this champion in various ways. Besides that, you can also use it almost everywhere, except Bot Lane. So for maximum use of this champion, this time we have prepared the best build for this champion. Let’s take a look!

Singed Wild Rift Skill

Before we get into the discussion for the best build, it’s better if we first discuss the skills of this champion. The following is an explanation of the skills for you:

Noxious Slipstream (Passive Skill) – He moves quickly when near other champions, gaining additional Movement Speed ​​when passing them.

Poison Trail (Skill 1) – Leaves a poison trail behind him, dealing damage to enemies inside.

Mega Adhesive (Skill 2) – Throws the bottle containing mega adhesive onto the ground, giving slow and ground effects to enemies walking on it.

Fling (Skill 3) – Deals damage to the targeted enemy unit and throws it behind him. The opponent who is thrown into the Mega Adhesive area will also be hit by a Root which makes him immobile.

Insanity Potion (Ultimate) – He drank a powerful chemical potion, giving him a stat boost in battle.


Talking about this champion combos is actually fairly simple and you can use it in all situations and conditions. Here are the combos that you can use when using this champion.

Poison Trail (1) – Fling (3) – Mega Adhesive (2)

Singed Wild Rift Build


Liandry’s Torment– This item is useful for increasing his Ability Power and HP. The increase in HP from Liandry’s Torment makes him thicker than before and makes it more durable during the laning phase.

Mercury’s Treads – This item is useful for providing additional Magic Resist for him while reducing the duration of the opponent’s crowd control if one day he is hit by troublesome CC from enemy mages.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter– This item has a passive effect that slows enemies by 20%, which maximizes his Poison Trail (1) skill.

Dead Man’s Plate – This item has a passive called “Momentum” which will give him an additional 50 movement speed if the Momentum stack reaches 100.

Thornmail– This item will add 75 Armor and 200 HP for him, which makes it even thicker.

Morellonomicon– This item provides an additional 70 Ability Power and 300 HP, making him a little thick and difficult to kill.

Recommended Wild Rift Rune

Conqueror– This rune is useful for increasing its damage because the effect of this item will increase 4 to 12 Ability Power (based on level) which can be stacked up to 5 times with a maximum of 20 to 60 Ability Power (based on level).

Weakness – This rune will make the enemy receive an additional 5% damage when slowed or immobilized.

Spirit Walker– This rune will increase your max HP by 50, and give you an immunity to slow effect by 20%.

Manaflow Band – This rune will give him an additional maximum of 30 Mana (can reach 300 Mana) when he succeeds in attacking a Champion using abilities or empowered attacks.

Recommend Wild Rift Spell

Ghost– This spell will make him able to catch up or escape from the enemy’s pursuit easily. When activated, Ghost will increase Movement Speed ​​which will decay to 25% Movement Speed ​​for 6 seconds

Flash– This spell is very useful because you can use it to chase enemies who are dying or to escape.

That is it! Stay tuned for more news and updates!