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League of Legend Wild Rift: Vi Guide, Be The Strongest!

Wild Rift Vi

Vi Wild Rift, is a champion with a role of a fighter with interesting skills and a low difficulty level. If you use the right build, we can confirm that Vi Wild Rift is able to dominate during the match. Vi has a fairly complex skill because it will provide shields, bonus damage and Crowd Control. So, in order to maximize the use of this skill, you must choose the appropriate item. 

Wild Rift Vi

These items will make Vi like an assassin who will defeat enemies quickly. This build will increase attack speed, HP, armor, and physical damage. This build is suitable to use against fighters, tanks and assassins.

Before we get into the discussion of the best builds for Vi Wild Rift, it’s better if we first discuss the skills of this champion. 

Wild Rift Vi Skills

  • Denting Blow (Passive Skill) – Every third attack on the same enemy will deal damage equal to a percentage of the target’s max Health, reduce Armor, and give Vi Attack Speed.
  • Vault Breaker (Skill 1) – Vi charges her gauntlet, unleashes a steel crusher and takes forward. Enemies hit are knocked back and receive a stack of Clink Blow.
  • Blast Shield (Skill 2) – Vi gets a stack of Blast Shield when hitting an enemy with an attack or ability. Activating Blast Shield produces a damage-absorbing shield. At the maximum stack, Vi also gains Movement Speed.
  • Excessive Force (Skill 3) – Vi’s next attack explodes through its target, dealing damage to the enemy behind it.
  • Assault And Battery (Ultimate) – Vi lunges at an enemy, getting rid of whoever gets in his way. When she hit the target, Vi hit upwards, then jumped on top, and knocked back to the ground.

Wild Rift Vi Build Items

Wild Rift Vi

This build will provide increased attack speed, attack damage, HP, Armor, and lifesteal. This is intended to make it easy when gank or even make it survive during a fight.

Vs Mage

When fighting enemies with dominant magic damage, items that provide magic resistance or shields are needed. This build will provide enough magic resistance to defend against mages.

Vs Mm

Wild Rift Vi

This build will slow down the opponent’s attack speed and have armor penetration which will make MM in pain.

Rune and Spell


For Vi it is recommended to use the Fleet Footwork rune which will provide move speed, heal and damage, Triumph restores HP if it kills an opponent and bonuses damage, Conditioning  will give Malphite bonus armor and magic resist, and Pathfinder  will increase speed in forests, bushes and rivers.


As for the use of Spell, you can use Smite which will provide additional damage to monsters. Smite is a required summoner spell for the junglers. This enables them to farm jungle camps efficiently and secure buffs and epic monsters. Upgrade to Blue Smite to secure ganks unless you fight with a powerful Duelist jungler like Master Yi or Olaf or Xin Zhao, where upgrading to Red Smite may well be a better option.

Flash spell offers versatility and options to be more aggressive or to successfully flee from a risky situation.

That’s all for Vi Wild Rift Build and Guide! Stay tuned for more news and updates!