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League of Legend: Zed Wild Rift Item Build by Jess No Limit


Zed became the Champion that Jess No Limit used the most at the Pentaboom Showdown. Only once in the last match of the Grand Final, Jess No Limit used Akali. The Zed that Jess No Limit uses is very deadly and has enormous damage. Several times, Jess No Limit has also received the MVP at the Pentaboom Showdown match two days ago. 


How did Jess No Limit build his items to allow his Zed to have such high damage. The following list is a Zed item build by Jess No Limit.

Jess No Limit Zed Item Build

Jess No Limit looks more focused on adding armor penetration, so that the overall attacks output are very damaging and can kill your opponent in an instant.

No matter how thick the defense of the opposing Champion has, if it is hit by that much of Armor Penetration, it will be easily penetrated. A total of +25 Armor Penetration will be obtained from this build.


For Black Cleaver, it has almost the same function where every time it is hit by a basic attack, the opposing Champion will be affected by a 4% reduction in armor which can be stacked up 6 times, so that a total of 24% reduction in armor.

And for Mortal Reminder, it adds + 35% armor penetration, a total of 59% additional Armor Penetration from just 4 items.

For the remaining last two items here. Jess No Limit uses Gluttonous Teleport for an additional +40 movement speed, and + 8% spell vamp. And can also be used as a teleport.

For Guardian Angel, add +45 Attack Damage and +40 Armor. And also can revive you as much as 50% base health and 30% mana after 4 seconds (cooldown 180 seconds)

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