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League of Legends Champions Korea – LCK Summer standing 2020

LCK Summer standing 2020

LCK Summer standing 2020

Result of LCK Summer standing 2020, League of Legends LOL Korean teams latest season standing. Continuous update of League of Legends LCK Summer 2020 standings according to the latest current weekdays, results of LCK season 10 LCK matches, promotion rounds (Promotion), group stage, second leg, the semifinal playoffs and finals of the teams: KT, SKT T1, KZ, Griffin, Gen.G Esports …

LCK Summer standing 2020

LCK Summer standing 2020

2DAMWON Gaming6-214-4+10
5Afreeca Freecs5-311-7+5
6Team Dynamics4-410-100
7SANDBOX Gaming3-57-11-5
8KT Rolster3-57-11-5
9SeolHaeOne Prince1-73-15-12
10Hanwha Life Esports0-82-16-14

General award LCK summer 2020

The team that wins the LCK Summer standing 2020 will receive + 100,000,000 won and tickets to attend Worlds 2020.

The following 4 ranking teams will receive cumulative points respectively: 90 – 70 – 50 – 30 – 10.

8 teams from the top 1 -> 8: will be in the LCK Spring 2021.

The last two teams in the group will have to qualify for the LCK Spring Split 2021.

Play-off standing

The four teams participating in the Play-off of the LCK summer 2020 this year include the top two teams in the 2019 summer finals (Team Dynamics, Seorabeol) and the last two teams in the 2019 LCK Summer Split (SANDBOX Gaming, Griffin).

28/41SBG vs DYN0-2
2GRF vs SRB1-2
19/043SBG vs GRF2-0
4DYN vs SRB2-2
30/45SRB vs SBG0-3