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League of legends: Doublelift impressive Vayne pentakill


Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, the newly retired league of legends bot laner, proved that after pulling off a pentakill in a solo queue on Vayne, he still has some world class skills.


Doublelift insane outplay that resulted in a pentakill

Former Team Liquid and Team SoloMid bot laner “Doublelift” created an insane outplay during a recent live stream that resulted in a pentakill. On his signature Champion Vayne, the outplay was made and certainly brought back some old-school Doublelift vibes. 

The Pentakill showed that despite being retired since the end of the 2020 season, He is still maintaining high level skills.

The pentakill occurred in a very close solo queue game for 31 minutes. He had 15 kills on his Vayne already and was, therefore, his team’s main threat. Although he had already been very strong, the Pentakill was not a walk in the park.

Just after the first member of his team died, Doublelift entered the battle and quickly began to target the enemy carrier. With a single auto attack, he took down Kennen, followed by turning on the enemy, Kai’Sa, who had to go fast to minimize a great source of damage.

Doublelift showcase Vayne kiting

Soon after Kai’Sa and Kennen had been out of the picture, Doublelift had to handle the enemy frontline while the rest of his team was dead.

In a stunning 1v3, He pops Yone and follows her up with a clutch kite against Alistar and Hecarim. Just like Doublelift, the enemy Hecarim was quite fed and tanky to the point where it took a lot of attacks to take him down.

To make it easier for a kite, He looked to target the squishy Alistar after barely showing his crowd control combo. With only Hecarim left, He had a chance to show off his incredible kiting skills, and it paid off. 

He killed the fed Hecarim, leaving only a few percent of his health to complete the pentakill. Soon after the pentakill, Doublelift and his team ended the match. He finished the match with an amazing  20/3/8.

Is Vayne an ADC?

Vayne is an ADC, or a marksman in other terms. As an attack damage carry, She is mostly fitted to the bot lane, but has also been played in both the middle and the top lane. In some matchups, Vayne can be very terrifying in the top lane, as she’s great at taking out tanks and melee champions.

As for Patch 11.2, Vayne has a solid win rate of 51.08 in the Platinum ranking and higher in the solo queue. She is also the fourth most chosen marksman, which shows that her win rate is quite consistent.

Vayne can be considered an S-tier marksman in a solo queue on the basis of these stats and is certainly worth picking up. With that said, players need quite a lot of practice.to perfect the skill.