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League of Legends – the role of champions


Indeed, when first stepping into the world of LoL, everyone felt very confused. Because the game has so many role of champions that you do not know which champion to choose, do not know which lane to choose, as well as not knowing which runes to use to enhance strength?

The role of champions

Up to now the game League of Legends has 126 champions, each champion has its own strengths and is divided by many different criteria. For new players it’ll be tough to choose the right champion, therefore you would like to learn the role of champions in the game carefully to use in the game effectively:


role of champions

This role of champions has a lot of health, high damage, most are melee champions except Urgot, Vladimir, and Jayce.

A fighter always seek to penetrate deep into Combat to draw health from opponent’s maim champions.

Has the ability to block the team or support the main champions.

Champions which suitable for new players: Nunu, Mundo, Malphite.

Mage/AP Carry – the role of champions

Mages are usually prioritized in the mid lane to level up as fast as possible and take the blue buff.

Able to deal thousands of magic damage on one or more targets.

The Mage champion for beginners: Annie, Ryze.


role of champions

Assassin champions are divided into 2 categories: Magic damage and Physical damage.

Possesses the skill of approaching the enemy or invisibility.

Quickly kill weak champions with huge damage in one combo.

Assassin champions suitable for newbies: Evelynn, Katarina, Xin Zhao.

AD Carry

Possesses an ability to raise damage and attack speed.

These types of champions are very fragile and easily die.

Decisive at the end of the game and extremely need to farm and protected in the early stages.

The main physical damage champion suitable for new players: Ashe, Sivir.

Support – the role of champions

This role of champions possesses an ability to heal, create shields or increase damage, speed for allies.

Support champions don’t rely on items much.

Support champions suitable for new players: Soraka, Sona.


role of champions

Possessing skills to quickly clear monsters, able to recover health when jungling.

Infiltrate enemy forests and harass enemy “jungler”.

The jungle for new players: Warwick, Sejuani, Fiddlestick.


Has abundant health, high armor, and magic resistance.

Usually at the forefront of Combats.

Always have ways to harass enemies.

Suitable champion for new players: Alistar, Amumu.