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League of legends: The Three Best Team in 2020

League of legends

As we are approaching the end of the year, many people will be thankful since 2020 was one of the most turbulent years in recent times. The dangerous circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic had to be quickly adapted by many industries around the world, and the League of Legends esports scene was no exception. 

League of legends

As not many had experienced the League on the big stage like this before, it was difficult for both teams and talent. Whether it was all online or in the studio without a crowd to cheer on them, several players admitted that playing the season in this way felt different. 

And yet some of the rosters persisted through the difficulties and uncertainty. In order to win, some teams adapted and became even better iterations of themselves. 

Here are the three best teams for 2020 in the League of legends.

G2 Esports – League of legends

Since they did not look as dominant as they were in 2019. The European juggernaut was, however, still the best team in the West this past year.

The team stumbled a surprising number of times, with a strong core comprised of some of the best players in the region. During the 2020 Summer Split regular season, including playoff losses to MAD Lions and Fnatic and a third-place finish.

Although the roster appeared to be going through a little bit of a rough patch, they knew how to turn it on when it needed during the playoffs. 

Ultimately, G2 worked their way back to the LEC finals, where they swept back-to-back championships with Fnatic.

Their Worlds 2020 season started off great, with the team tying Suning with a 4-2 record for first place in Group A. In a convincing sweep, they also beat Gen. G, but were eventually taken down by DAMWON in four games.

Many EU fans thought that the year before, G2 would ultimately get revenge for their final loss against FunPlus Phoenix, which is why this outcome was relatively disappointing. However, this early exit might be exactly what the team needed to push them to a different level.

The team decided to part ways with star mid-laner Perkz in the offseason. It was a decision that shocked the world, but sometimes, to continue growing, even the best teams need some modifications. G2 is willing to break records and make history again in 2021 with superstar ADC and former Fnatic player Rekkles now on the team.


League of legends

The whole team had a storyline that could get any League fan to root for them during the World Championship, even though Suning did not have a star-filled roster like DAMWON.

In most of the matches they faced, Suning was an underdog throughout the tournament, particularly in the knockout phase. Many fans believed that the LPL third seed would be eliminated, whether it was JDG, Top Esports, or DAMWON.

And yet the world was shocked over and over by their lineup. Suning lost against both JDG and TES during the 2020 Summer Split, and was even swept by the latter in the playoffs.But during the Worlds, in a best-of-five setting, they beat both of them by losing only one game each.

Whether it was Jungler SofM trying to show off his flashy Lee Sin, rising ADC Huanfeng carrying Jhin and Ezreal, or their budding young star top laner Bin placing the team in his backpack to pull them to victory, thanks to their exciting and unconventional play, Suning’s roster quickly became popular among fans.

Through each of their shortcomings, this roster persevered, reshaping themselves from an 11th-place team in the spring to a finalist in the Worlds. Even though DAMWON wasn’t taken down, their run for 2020 is still something to be proud of.

Due mainly to the departure of veteran support, SwordArt, who made the trip stateside to join TSM, Suning will have to adjust its lineup next year. The talented 23-year-old was the leader of this young roster, but may have provided the rest of Suning with enough experience this past year to help them stay at a high level.

DAMWON – League of legends

It should come as no surprise that the 2020 World Champions are on this list. After their achievement in the second half of the year, DAMWON etched their name in history books as one of the most dominant rosters we’ve seen in a long time.

The team showcased superstars such as Nuguri, Canyon and ShowMaker, all players considered to be one of the best in the world in their respective roles.

Ghost and BeryL were also one of the most underrated bottom lane duos in Worlds since the former became one of the world’s best weak-side ADs, whereas the latter helped to take control of the map with decisive and aggressive roams.

Even though the team finished fifth and had an early exit from the 2020 Spring Split playoffs, the 2020 Summer Split was a completely different story. In fact, since the beginning of the summer, the team has only lost two games on the way to their first LCK championship.

DAMWON’s journey through the worlds was just as destructive, with the Korean first seed losing only one game in the group stage to JD Gaming. After that, they swept past DRX with ease and beat G2 Esports in four games. 

However, DAMWON lost Nuguri in the offseason, and the skilled top laner was a huge part of the team’s identity.