August 3, 2021


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League of Legends: UOL star Edward becomes coach of Furia


Via a twitlonger, Edward “Edward” Abgaryan announced that he is retiring as a professional player for the League of Legends. After signing a contract expiring in 2022, he will move into a coaching role with the Brazilian organization Furia Esports.


This is not the first time as a player that he has taken time away. He also coached Rogue in 2018, in his decade-long career.

In the legendary Moscow Five lineup, the Armenian first stepped into the professional scene with other innovative players such as Alexey ‘Alex Ich’ Ichetovkin and Danil ‘Diamondprox’ Reshetnikov. With the organization that eventually became Gambit Esports, he had 4 different stints, but also made appearances in Europe and North America.

Edward early career – Furia

Edward enjoyed early success in his early career, placing in the top four at the Season 2 World Championships and winning several other competitions before forming dedicated regional leagues at the Riot Games. In international events, including Worlds and the Mid-Season Invitational, he also made several appearances, including a Worlds 2019 showing with Unicorns of Love. He also became one of the first LCS imports, joining Team Curse in 2013.

In the support position, Edward was one of the early innovators, popularizing Nunu support with an aggressive style of play. He also played in professional matches with Amumu and Kennen, but will be remembered mainly as Thresh’s early master, demonstrating the champion’s strength shortly after he was added to the game.

Often taunting or baiting opponents during matches, Edward was also known as an antagonistic player. Over his tenure, the player also went through a few name changes, going by GoSu Pepper, and Gozu.

What happened to Edward in LoL?

For his second year on the Brazilian scene, Edward is joining Furia Esports as the team’s head coach. This is the first time in his career in the Brazilian region, and he will coach a mixed roster of talent from Europe and Brazil.

He is inheriting a young organization that last year had its first playoff experience, placing third in CBLOL 2020’s first split. Edward will join the ranks of many other former professional coaching players in Brazil, and in the future he will probably be looking to take on a similar role in a larger region.