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League of legends Wild Rift: Xin Zhao Countering Guide

of Xin Zhao

Speaking of Xin Zhao, he is a very dangerous champion in Wild Rift. This champion is very good at jungling and very tough when dealing one on one. If you go wrong against Xin Zhao, surely you can be tortured by him to death. 

Because even though the damage is minimal, XinZhao is dangerous due to the slow effect he has on each skill. Who are the champions that can fight against XinZhao and make him totally helpless? 

Take a look at the following guide!

of Xin Zhao

Recommendation Counter Champion For Xin Zhao

There are three champions who could become Xin Zhao’s counter and make him a helpless champion. Those of you who use it properly can become XinZhao countering assassins.

Jarvan IV

of Xin Zhao

Jarvan VI is a very thick champion tank with a number of dangerous skills. Jarvan has a dangerous passive ability where his first basic attack generates bonus damage based on the enemy’s current health. This crazy effect will happen again on enemies after a few seconds.

Besides that, Jarvan IV also has a technique to stop the opponent’s movement plus inflict damage. Even in ordinary melee battles, Xin Zhao has lost from the advantage of passive skills.


The champion nicknamed The Outlaw who can be useful as a marksman and fighter is also very dangerous. Graves have the advantage of their range of attacks, such as a passive called New Density, which gives four bullets to the enemy.

Not to mention that he has the End of the Line skill which gives the bullet to explode after 1.5 seconds and will explode faster if the bullet hits the wall. The advantage of the range attack skill plus the large damage he had allowed Graves to beat Xin Zhao easily.


of Xin Zhao

Jax is a dangerous champion who can make Xin Zhao helpless. What makes Jax so dangerous is of course because each successive attack he launches will increase his attack speed. 

Not to mention that there is a skill called Counter Strike which makes him avoid all attacks and launch a counterattack. With the type of fast-paced battle he had, Xin Zhao would have no chance of attacking.

Those are the champions suitable for countering Xin Zhao! Stay tuned for more news and updates!