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League of Legends Wild Rift: Get a Free Champion at The Noxian Brotherhood Event!

League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift just released a major update patch 1.1 in early December. In this update, new Champions and Skins will be available that players can immediately purchase and use in the Wild Rift in-game store. There is also a bundle set that will give players a 50% discount along with their newest skins.

League of Legends Wild Rift

But do you know, you can also get the newest Champion and Skin for free through the Noxian Brotherhood event! The Noxian Brotherhood event will center on the two brothers Darius and Draven, who are the newest Champions who arrived in the 1.1 update patch. Starting on December 10th, the event will last for about two weeks and end on December 23rd.


League of Legends Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood Event Detail

The Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood Event will take up a total of 12 missions. Players will find 1 new randomly selected mission every day. Even so, you can only have 3 active missions at a certain time. Players with 3 active missions must complete what they have, to allow more space for other missions.

League of Legends Wild Rift
To The DeathGet 30 takedowns
Glorious ExecutionGet a 4 kill streak or play 4 games
Do I Entertain You?Destroy 12 turrets as a team
Slice and DiceKill 150 – 500 minions as a team
Victory LaurelsWin 1 game or 3 game as a premade team
The SentencingKill 3 Barons as a team
Cut Down In Their PrimeKill 6 dragons as a team
Throwing PowerUse Marksman to Win 1 game orplay 4 games 
Cleave-HoUse Warrior to Win 1 game or play4 games
Unmatched PowerDeal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds or Deal 40,000 damage to single enemy champion
The Might of HandUse your ultimate 12 times in a single game or play 4 games
Brotherly LoveEarn 40,000 Gold or Earn 200,000 Gold as a team

When you have completed all the missions, you will get the option to unlock either Draven or Darius for free!

Apart from that, you can get other unique prizes including Icons, Blue essence, Poro coins, and Emotes. In addition to the rewards, completing missions gives players access to exclusive Wild Rift Comics.

That’s it! Those are the Noxian Brotherhood Event details where you can get the Wild Rift Champion for free!